Rogue Republic is an innovative RTS project developed by a team of independent enthusiasts aimed to bring you a realistic yet intense C&C Generals-styled game you always dreamed about. Do not like C&C F2P for some reasons? Track Rogue Republic! The game will be released in episodes, with each episode bringing you a new campaign of the overall story arc ranging from Russian-Georgian conflict, hypothetical Turkish-Ukrainian war in the near future, WW3 and its falloutic aftermath.

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Intermarian Trike (view original)

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The Trike is light, fast and cheap tactical asset of Intermarium. It takes its origins from various improvised easy-to-do armored cars which Luka's partisans used to counter EU invasion during the pre-Intermarium times. With rising tensions between EU and Intermarium and Intermarium and Russia, the Trike idea was revisioned and put into serial production.
Although they bear less armor than a Fennek and can't even hold troops, it's one of the few vehicles which is able to pass through the vast marshlands of Central-Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

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