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Rogue Republic is an innovative RTS project developed by a team of independent enthusiasts aimed to bring you a realistic yet intense C&C Generals-styled game you always dreamed about. Do not like C&C F2P for some reasons? Track Rogue Republic! The game will be released in episodes, with each episode bringing you a new campaign of the overall story arc ranging from Russian-Georgian conflict, hypothetical Turkish-Ukrainian war in the near future, WW3 and its falloutic aftermath.

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EU Infantry
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MasterofMetal Jul 14 2013, 8:17am says:

I've always wondered why soldiers these days don't wear armour pads of some kind.

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iAmaNoob Jul 14 2013, 8:49am replied:

I think they are influenced by Call of Duty.

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sasodaho Jul 14 2013, 10:45am replied:

Buget cuts

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Woozle Jul 14 2013, 4:42pm replied:

Because armor pads are pretty much useless, the Germans tried to use them in WWI, it didn;t work well at all, and they could be penetrated by rifle bullets.

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MasterofMetal Jul 15 2013, 1:13am replied:

Yeah, but these days there are bullet-proof vests. Don't you think that at some point someone would have thought 'Oh, hey! Our soldiers are humans and human life is valuable, why don't we try to give them more protection aside from the helmets?'

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Nuttah Jul 15 2013, 2:41am replied:

You've got limits on how much stuff you can carry and be effective on the battlefield, though a modern kit* is heavier than the historical average* of a soldier, there is the Trojan I'm linking below, even though it's hilariously exotic at this point.
I'm kind also of wondering about naming your stuff after THAT place but I'll let this guy slide.

You can fix a shattered knee. Not so much an exploded liver, so the armour is more or less focused on the vitals. Has been for centuries, really. See Conquistadors and other folks back when plate would still bounce a bullet.

*Quick Google glance: Romans are estimated at about 30Kg for the kit, a knight at around 27Kg and modern trooops (mostly US, it seems) claim about 36-45Kg, depending a lot on the situation.


TL; DR Version: Armour is issued now but it was more or less just dead weight during the world wars.

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Nuttah Jul 15 2013, 2:49am replied:

PS: The older armours, aside from actually being lighter, were also far better distributed as a result of trying to, more or less, protect everything.*
And because I have a chance to shove this in that I don't want to ignore: Youtube.com

*Guessing the risk of infection from wounds and getting someone else's blood in them helped with that, come to think of it.

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Ilves Jul 15 2013, 7:58am replied:

EU has the best technologies, so it isn't a big deal for them to create a light but resistant armor. Also EU has learned that most military actions take place in cities today, so the equipment of their troops is urban-optimized

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D_M Jul 14 2013, 10:52am says:

Need a Kerberos armor. :3

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AmDDRed Jul 14 2013, 3:15pm says:

These cannot be soldiers (in common sense), these can be only special forces working for limited time (for example, hostage situation).

Looks like author has never went on soldier routine, so he has drawn something he has seen in cool action movies and games.

For example, newest french soldier complex FELIN:

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WolveNZ Jul 14 2013, 7:37pm replied:

Why Cant they be Soldiers in the Common Sense, if we compared what we think of as a Modern Soldier today to what was thought of as a Modern Soldier in the Mid Cold war period, we see such a vast change!

The Concepts on this page even though look very 'Special Forces' but are not far off, If their Armour Pannels were colored with the same pattern as their Uniform, I think they would look much more regular.

Seeing as these men have seen combat as per Discription, maybe it would also be good to have a EU/West More basic infantry? something akin to a 'Home Guard'?

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AmDDRed Jul 15 2013, 3:33am replied:

Because gravity is not cancelled, and every iron piece soldier wears for hours and days is making him wasted. There is no absolute armor, physics laws also are not cancelled: every shot you take in the armor is a big punch, which can even break your ribs. Of course, it will save, but don't overestimate its capabilities.
So in real life, there is compromise between how much armor you put on you, and how long you will go till you fall dawn immovably with that weight.

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battleben8492 Jul 19 2013, 5:16pm replied:

I agree that Kevlar is often grossly overestimated but Modern Ceramic plate inserts provide an exceptionally high level of protection against small arms fire to the extent that some soldiers report not even feeling rifle bullet hits to the plates and they weigh far less than the equivalent thickness of steel. The only real downsides to these plates besides the extra weight they add to a soldier's kit is that after the plate soaks up around 6-12 hits it needs to be replaced (which could be quite inconvenient in the field) and currently can only be made as vest inserts (no shoulder pads, helmet inserts or knee pads yet). The more recent Dragon Skin inserts despite being slightly heavier have an almost ridiculous level of durability and can shrug off even armor-piercing rounds with ease but some kind of political storm involving Hillary Clinton no less saw to these things never entering US Military service. Naturally even these inserts won't protect a soldier against monster like a .50cal BMG round, even if the round itself doesn't penetrate the residual kinetic energy alone will turn their internal organs to paste.

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Ilves Jul 15 2013, 7:59am replied:

this WON't be the only type of infantry for EU, naturally

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iAmaNoob Jul 15 2013, 4:05am replied:

Urby's Rule for Game Development #2:
Video games are an escapement from reality, stop trying to make them realistic.
(Unless it's a simulator)

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AmDDRed Jul 15 2013, 7:09am replied:

Well, in this case, it's the strategy about modern warfare (and a little bit futuristic), it should have realistic feeling at least in visual.

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Ilves Jul 15 2013, 7:53am replied:

note: fiction should always look MORE INTERESTING than reality.

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Nuttah Jul 15 2013, 8:28am replied:

Even if it often fails at the attempt.

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GLALeaderDaDon Jul 15 2013, 8:51am replied:

Well this game has already crossed the line of fiction pretty while ago.

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Orange_Tomato Jul 15 2013, 8:48am replied:

No, games with some reality in htem can be lots of fun. Also, this game claims to be at least a bit realistic, and those guys look like something from Halo: ODST...

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Nuttah Jul 15 2013, 11:30am replied:

Still doesn't mean it has to be all on ARMA: The RTS, though.

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Ilves Jul 15 2013, 9:43pm replied:

lol, a good example since ARMA is itself HIGHLY unrealistic

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nuttah Jul 16 2013, 3:25am replied:

It makes a decent effort, though.
At least in comparison to some OTHER stuff fans love to claim is realistic.
Really dumb fans, mostly.

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Hazza-the-Fox Aug 19 2013, 7:37am replied:

Actually, the simply answer is because the EU army in this game has an 'urban/SWAT' theme. ;)

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5thHorseman Jul 15 2013, 10:08am says:

While I these indeed do not seem like front line assault troops, I can not think of a reason why they can not be urban warfare operatives.

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Reborn:X Jul 15 2013, 1:42pm replied:

Judging from the supressed CTAR-21 carbine I assume those are either EU's Spec Ops or urban assault troops. They honestly do not like look line infantry I know.

Also, not only the heavy bodyarmour increases general fatigue but also those gasmasks. Those guys definitely aren't Rangers if that's what you guys are asking about.

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battleben8492 Jul 19 2013, 5:28pm replied:

Maybe Rangers from Metro 2033 ? LOL!

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willychong8921 Aug 29 2013, 9:50pm says:

These guys are the Helghast trooper of Kill Zone, add red light on their goggles and boom, anyone will go **** and shitless upon sight!

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AubeSangante Oct 31 2013, 11:54am replied:

Damn men i will love he Killzone str game :(.

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After the withdrawal of US from Eurasia, there is no troop better equipped than the European (except from Japanese on the other tip of the continent). The soldiers of the West are loyal and well-trained, armed with the best weapons Europe can provide them. Many of them have gone through Libya, Yugoslavia, US campaigns and street fighting in Koenigsberg. The soldiers of EU are highly-motivated to put an end to Lukashenko's dictatorial rule or bring true democracy to the vast forests of Siberia.
Using their hi-tech night and thermal vision channels can destroy most enemy infantry while being itself unseen in smoky and dark environment.

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Jul 14th, 2013
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