Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, brings Westwood Studios' popular real time strategy game, C&C: Red Alert 2 into the FPS pespective, using the w3d engine. You will be able to experience, first hand, what it feels like to fill the boots of an Allied GI battling the communist might of the Soviet Union, or a Soviet Conscript vowing to take back what was lost to the Allies during the first great war. Classic units return such as the versatile Allied IFV to the mighty Soviet Apocalypse Assault Tank to the gargantuan Allied Aircraft Carrier to the mad Giant Squids. This game features all of the units and structures for the Allied and Soviet sides from both RA2 and the Yuri's Revenge Expansion. The Apocalypse is Rising Commander. Are you prepared for it? (Credit goes to everyone who has donated and contributed to this mod. We shall not let you down).

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Another month another Apocalypse Rising update! This update brings a closer look at the Navy SEAL C4, Soviet architecture, and Allied base defenses.

Navy SEAL C4

Special delivery! After mowing down enemy infantry and clearing a path, the US Navy SEALs effortlessly dismantle enemy bases with their signature C4. Soviet maintenance personnel should be diligent in disarming any and all C4 planted as a single brick is packed with enough explosives to destroy a building. It is rumoured that Special Agent Tanya carries her own unique model of C4, although battlefield reports have yet to confirm this.

Navy SEAL C4

Texture by @Romanov

Soviet Doors

Continuing with the renovation of internal infrastructure, the Soviet Engineer Corps have had every detail in mind from the purchase terminals right down to the doors. While it may not appear to be much to the average Conscript, the Soviet engineers are nonetheless proud to now have doors that are truly representative of the working class!

Soviet Door

Concept By @Squid Empire, Model by @Romanov

Patriot Missiles

To keep the skies clear of Conscript paratroopers, Soviet Siege Choppers and Kirovs, the Allies turn to the Patriot Missile System. Serving the role as the primary anti-air base defense, the Patriot utilises advanced targeting systems and detection equipment that allows it to even down enemy MiGs called in by Boris. Unable to defend itself against ground threats, Allied forces must be vigilant in keeping the Patriot Missile structures operational lest they be overwhelmed by Soviet air power.

Allied Patriot Missile System

Model by @Romanov and @moonsense715.


We are always hiring new team members to speed up AR's release! If you believe that you can help us out, you are more than welcome to help!

The following positions are open:

  • 2 Artists for modeling and texturing civilian buildings and props.
  • 1 Artist for making nature assets (trees, bushes, etc.)
  • 1 Character Artist
  • 1 Texture Artist/Photoshop User (optionally Unwrapper) to help in texturing building interior objects

If you wish to contribute to this project and believe you have the skills, give us a shout!

If you would like to contribute to the game and believe you have the skills, don't hesitate to apply! If you don't know if you have the skills, send us a forum PM and we can chat. If you would like to help in areas not listed here, that is also more than welcome.
To apply, just send @moonsense715 or @One Winged Angel a PM (Private Message) via the forums and let us know which position you wish to apply for.


Feel free to contact the team regarding testing applications for Apocalypse Rising and our other W3D projects and become an official W3D Hub Tester today!

AR :: April 2017 Update

AR :: April 2017 Update

News 4 comments

So, it's finally 2017 and it's time for our first blog of this year!

Apocalypse Rising :: December Update

Apocalypse Rising :: December Update

News 6 comments

Welcome to the DecembAR update! New soldiers join our roster!

Apocalypse Rising :: November-December 2016 Update

Apocalypse Rising :: November-December 2016 Update

News 10 comments

Welcome, comrades! This update reveals the addition of a crucial structure, a weapon wielded by our dangerous Allied commando, and lastly, Deutschland's...

Apocalyse Rising :: October 2016 Update

Apocalyse Rising :: October 2016 Update

News 8 comments

Hello, everyone! It's time for another dev update, and is there much to cover! So much so, that we can't fit everything into one update. Progress has...

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Crazy Ivan Revolver Demo

Crazy Ivan Revolver Demo

Movies 8 comments

A demo video showing the Revolver which will be used by Crazy Ivan ingame and working. Note this is not the final setup and is intended for demonstration...

Allied Power Plant Video

Allied Power Plant Video

Movies 3 comments

Dtrngd takes us on a tour of the Allied Power Plant. Video has been done in coordination with Teamwolf/[FW]Wolf.

Apocalypse Rising Apr 20th Podcast

Apocalypse Rising Apr 20th Podcast


Many have questions about Apocalypse Rising. One man has stepped up to answer them! One_Winged_Angel has made a new Q&A Podcast, technical failure...

Apocalypse Rising June 11th Podcast

Apocalypse Rising June 11th Podcast

Audio 3 comments

Here is a 55 minute long podcast featuring One Winged Angel answering questions from the past week. Questioning by Lord_Kane. Recording by Eggman891.

Random Weather Script

Random Weather Script

Movies 1 comment

A short video showing the new random weather script in action. First shown in Blog 80.



Movies 3 comments

Short video showing the new pillbox rigged and ingame going up against a Rhino Tank. This video was first shown in blog 79.

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release an actual update this time instead of meme cancer

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
One_Winged_Angel Creator

Alright. It's not April anymore anyway.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

It all look very good but the big question is when is there going to be something for everyone to play it has been 10 years since you guys started even the other Renegade mods were set out with bugs etc and then improved over time thou I understand you guys want to get it right and yer I know need to wait and be a good boy as you guys are doing a great job of this all in your own time and it not easy to get this done quickly.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
One_Winged_Angel Creator

It's just one of those thing unfortunately. We want to make the first release really good so that it does the project justice and people enjoy it. The worst thing we could do right now is release an unpolished experience that people will play once, forget and move on from with a bad taste in the mouth.

Basically, we want to make sure our game is good before we release it and our time is really limited. Not the best of combination of circumstances. :(

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Will country-specific units just always be in the arsenal, or would there be some way of nation selection?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
One_Winged_Angel Creator

Nations will be selected at random at game start. There will also be a small chance that all nations are picked for both factions.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Well Done guys i hope it come out soon

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
FRAYDO Creator

Thanks ZOMBATAR! Expect more development updates to come as we get ever closer to release!

Reply Good karma+5 votes

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