PGM 2 puts you in charge of creating your very own successful e-sport organization. To achieve this you, as Manager, need to take good care of your Pro Gamers physical and mental health to make sure they can deliver on match day. If they do, your team may survive another day in the dog-eat-dog world of professional e-sport.


  • Build and customize your own house according to your own dreams and your Pro Gamers needs. Build a toilet to avoid accidents. Make sure the fridge is well stocked and the beds comfy to keep everyone at their best.
  • Choose how your Pro Gamers should improve their performance in the area you find most important using the attribute points.
  • Name and design the logo for your team.


  • When you’ve taken care of the Pro Gamers earthly needs it’s time to embark on the road to stardom. Choose the lineup that will perform best right now and enter the arena. Do you prefer the bad shooter that has great leadership skills or the pro gamer with lightning fast reactions but with a real bad temperament?
  • Join your Pro Gamers as they face off against the other teams and help them make the right choices to win the match. Throw a grenade to clear out the enemy. Position your units to your advantage. Charge in head on or set up ambushes for your unsuspecting enemy.
  • Join the Pro Gamer League to gain fame and fortune as your team fights to become the top team of them all.

The current version of Pro Gamer Manager 2 is a alpha version of the game.

What does this mean? It means that PGM 2 is still in its early stages of development. We have completely rebuilt the game from its predecessor, so this is a completely new game. It’s built on the original PGM idea and it’s designed to be developed through an early access process.

So what can you expect from PGM 2 in its current form?
While there are final and core game play features implemented, there are many that aren’t or will need to be tweaked.

  • Bugs and crashes are to be expected.
  • There might be performance issues for some players.
  • And more.

This is all part of the development process and we’d love for you to join us early on, on this road to finish the game. So if you think our gameplay is enough for you to want to back PGM 2 in its pre alpha stage, we’d love your support. Otherwise we recommend you to wait until we’ve come further along in the development process when the game is more stable and we’ve implemented additional gameplay and other content. We’re committed to making PGM 2 the best game it can possibly be and having you join us on this journey is a vital part in making this happen.

Please send your feedback/bug reports/suggestions through the in game contact form or through our subreddit or Twitter pages for a quick reply.

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Hi there!

Finally we're up and running here as well :)

Firstly, have a look at our teaser trailer for the game:

Excited? :) The game is now up on steam (though not for sale) if you want to have a look.

As a few of you might know we took over the development of the PGM franchise this year and are completely rebuilding the game from scratch. The only thing we're keeping is the basic premise for the game as well as all the good ideas that were attached to it.

We've been working hard trying to stay engaged with the community as we've wanted to keep most features under wraps as we don't want to make any promises that we can't deliver on. Below you'll find a recently compiled FAQ that should get you up to date on where we are right now.

Of course we'd love to talk to you guys here as well, so if you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch.

When will the game come out?

We’re aiming for late September. Date will be announced soon.

Where can I get the Alpha?

At the moment the alpha is still being tested internally. We will update this as soon as this changes.

Is there a chance to test the game before purchase?

We will provide a pre-alpha version to the backers of the original game to test and help us balance things prior to the EA-release.

I am a writer/reviewer/video maker. Can I have a free copy of the game?

It depends. You have to be established enough (we can’t just give free copies of the game to anyone with a YouTube channel). This means that if you’re a YouTuber, you should have consistently 1000+ views per video. If you’re a writer/reviewer, you should be writing for a professional site or publication. You should be contacting us from a verifiable address. We will check each request against these standards. If you think you fulfil these criteria, please request a key through Keymailer[] or email and request a key (please include links). We don’t hand out keys for give-aways or Steam groups.

What happens after the EA-release?

The team will have some well-earned rest and then we will continue on our road map and of course continue to discuss with the community and be active and accessible wherever you are.

Will there be OSX/Linux support?

Yes, we plan on releasing on OSX and Linux as well as PC.

If I purchase during Alpha, will I get the full game at launch?

Of course. When purchasing PGM 2 during alpha, or any time before full release, you will have access to the game throughout the development cycle including the full game at launch.

What about other platforms(consoles/mobile)?

At the moment there are no plans to support any other platforms.

I found a bug/have a suggestion. What should I do?

Great! Let us know through the in-game contact form, on the forums, on reddit[reddit] or twitter[twitter].

Why would I even consider buying the sequel when the original was never completed?

We took over development of the original game after it was fully released. Prior to this we had no influence over the development, including the decision to move it from Early Access into full release. We tried our best to fix the original game, but due to lack of resources and underestimation of how tangled up the original code was, we failed.

We know what the original game did good and what it did less good. We’ve listened to all the feedback, criticism and ideas from all social media platforms as well as any direct contact with us or the original developers. And after doing this we have started working on our own concept based on the original idea. The game has been completely rebuilt from the core, nothing has been recycled from the old game. It’s our code, our assets, our music and also our responsibility.

What’s the difference then?

A lot of things. To name a few.

  • We’ve merged the player mode and the manager mode into a new game mode combining the most fun elements of both.
  • We’ve added interaction into the in-game gaming putting you in the control of all decisions.
  • We’ve expanded the managerial parts to include all the the day to day aspects of running an organization of ‘real’ people.

Yet another Early Access title, how do we know you don’t just run away with our money and stop the development?

There’s always a risk that we don’t sell enough titles to sustain the company, of course. But I (Eyoel) bought the company in May from a venture capital firm and in this process invested a good chunk of private money and loans to make this Early Access release happen. I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t believe in this company and its ability to deliver high quality games. This release of PGM 2 marks the first milestone of our first game and with the help of the community we will see it through to final launch.

The original game promised a lot in Greenlight/Early Access that was not delivered on.We’ve deliberately taken the road of being tight lipped about what we’re doing for this precise reason. We don’t want promise features that aren’t tested and implemented. And we don’t want to promise delivery on a certain date before we’re certain we can deliver on it. Making those kinds of promises puts the pressure on delivering on that set deadline instead of focusing on delivering quality.

How much will the game cost?

We will start off by selling it for $19,99. We believe the game has enough content to bring lots of hours of entertainment already and bearing in mind what we have in store for the game in the future, we feel that this a reasonable price and investment to make for Early Access backers.

Is there any more you will add or show us before release?

Oh yeah! But as we’ve already mentioned, we won’t talk about anything in public until we’re sure.

Is there an NDA, can I stream the Alpha?

There is no nondisclosure agreement at this point in time. You are welcome to stream and make videos of your gameplay according to our content guidelines found on our webpage. We do ask that you make your viewers aware that the game is in a pre-release stage. Feel free to let your viewers know that we welcome their feedback as well!

Do you have any screenshots?

Of course we do:

ss 6e29e96bae7209a30c75f020cdfec

ss 6ead212cffb78491b2cadb40edcd8

ss 41204dc5e67abaf1b8d6d7013c9e9

ss a8deacea92dfa120318ccfab136c9

ss e9bf86e0d6b725a2b1c49d3345ed6

Talk to you soon!

/Anna, PGM 2 team

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