POSTWORLD is the game about exploration and survival in procedurally generated postapocalyptic world.

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We decided to give away POSTWORLD Alpha and get your feedback. Also we need you support on Indiegogo so we think this is the good way to prove we have a working game already!

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Hi everyone, thanks for putting your time into reading that!

TLDR. If you don't like reading a lot of text, then you can just download Alpha from here or as torrent.

First of all, take a look:

What is our game about?

POSTWORLD is a mixture of hurricane shooter, hardcore souls-like slasher and contemplative post apocalyptic survival gameplay with a multi-path role-playing system and a non-linear plot.

The game will tell you the story of the 3 factions struggle: Cultists, Railwaymen and Slavers. You can choose which one to join all while trying to escape from agents of the mysterious Corporation hunting you down.



slavers 1

Now, what you can do in Alpha:

  • You can choose any of devices to bring death and destruction with. Melee weapons, firearms, bulletproof shields, various ammo, explosives, stimulators and more!

modular assault rifle

modular rifle

  • You can shoot enemies’ body parts off. However, expect that losing an arm and a leg does not matter to tough wasteland dwellers...


  • You can customize your weapon. Any part can be replaced: barrels, hand guards, sights and buttstocks of firearms, as well as handles, guards and blades of melee weapons.

modular knife

modular axe

  • You can use shield as mobile cover. From simple wooden bucklers that can hardly bear an axe blow to high tech bulletproof shields.

ezgif com optimize

  • You can travel large postapocalyptic wasteland. The mechanics of travel between distinct game locations are inspired by the old skull RPGs.

We are planning to add in Release version this autumn:

  • Augmented body parts. The character may lose a limb but it's far from a game over, as powerful combat prostheses shall replace weak flesh.

augmented body parts

  • Non-linear plot. Quests that you receive depend on what decisions you have made and what faction you have joined. One will have to beat the game multiple times to see all possible endings.


You can download Alpha version here.

Support us on Indiegogo if you like our game!

P.S. Oh, we made fresh website with presskit which may also wish to check out!

Our Steam page is also live !


Thank you for your time,

Screwdriver Entertainment team


This looks really cool! Will try this out whenever I finish upgrading my PC this week. Best of luck to you guys!

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Thank you! Yeah go ahead and let us know what you think!

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you too ? I just need a vid-card but this i7 8700k can almost play anything xD

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Complete opposite in my case. All I need is a good processor and my souped-up budget rig will be complete. Good luck on your hunt! As you already know, the Cryptocurrency market hasn't been kind to GPU prices. But good deals are there. I found my 1060ti from a shop that was closing its branch here in my city. They sold it for 75% off. And that was even before the price inflation. Once again, I wish you the best in your vid-card hunt!

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I really love the concept of the game, I downloaded the free alpha (thanks!) and tried it out, it didn't leave a great impression on me however. I'm taking it as it is (an alpha, many many features aren't implemented and there are many errors) but I felt the game in it's current state was very clunky and wasn't able to give me a good enough picture of where you want to go. I will wait until you get further along down the line as I do think this could be a really good game.

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Thank you for feedback! That is true! Some people like it, some people not. We are working on improving it. What you can expect in POSTWORLD Autumn 2018 on Steam EA:
- Non-linear plot: join any faction (Slavers, Railwaymen and Cultists) and make it dominant on wasteland
- Talks to experimental combat AI which is just in your head (thanks to TNC)
- Augmentation (replace your arms and legs with artificial ones)
- High-tech shields
- New UI
- Fixes, improvements and more content

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Really great gameplay video!
Specially the part at 1:31 min. were a npc shoots itself through the head was awesome! Great blood and gore game!


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Is it possible to change language to English in alpha verion ?
I'm capable to understan only few words, pretty much everything is pure guess. Can't get proper opinion because of that.

For just couple of minutes in game, I didn't noticed any performance issues. Considering that demo is in alpha stage, quite a lot of things works pretty well already.

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Found info on indiegogo campaign page:

You need to choose "Настройки" -> " Язык " and pick your language

Maybe someone else will be confused about it too.

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Yeah, sorry for that. We found bug too late! Glad you found the solution!

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Feedback: Companions AI need a lot of improvement. They too often comes too close to player, interfering with aiming cursor. In close spaces, when they stand at doorstep it is impossible to give them command to get out of way.

I can't aim at distant spot and tell them to go over there, it is always put almost on same spot as doorstep. If I command them to get in a room, can't do that either, they always stay on doorstep.

In combat, they don't react on enemies until I shoot some enemy first. With multiple enemies, when I shoot first one, companions start to run toward them. Once first enemy is killed, companions don't aim for next enemy that are close to them, they run back in straight line towards me.

By doing this, they block my line of sight, so I'm unable to aim to enemy behind them. Once I'm able to have clear sight to enemies, they are too close, often resulting in death.

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