Pokémon MMO 3D is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game in the Pokémon theme. Trainer and pokemons are controlled with third-person camera. Fight in Real-time battles, play with your friends and the community. Currently in alpha, download on the webSite pokemon-mmo-3d.com

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Developer tuned in, which sets up patches, improvements, and additional content regularly on his game @Pokémon MMO 3D.
Try and continue your adventure, you will not be disappointed!


This game is just awesome!!
Keep your work !!


o jogo é muito bem feito é praticamente um sonho sendo realizado para fãs de pokemon


it's very ambitious and is fun for what it is. It needs a lot of polish but as long as Nintendo doesn't hit them with that cease and desist I could see this being an amazing game.


Mayks says

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Looks good, and probably the most updated 3d pokemon game on these days. it's pretty new, so some stuff works bad but iknow the developers will improve this, give it a chance, is funny.

Its really not ba game Its moving forward fast i love this game because its 3d pokemon game but only problem is animations it needs to be more better quality Thank you for understanding me.

Good game! Love it!


Very good game. Few players are banned but it is to give the others players a better experience of the game. Indeed, some players are constantly insulting the others and fortunately moderators are here to ban them. You can find a lot of pokemons and play them in 3D against others players. It's a great experience :)



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I was a player for months, days and nights playing, raising my pokemon level, obtaining with much sacrifice of the game so that in the end the administrator gave me ban. They gave me no reason, I do not explain myself, I did not answer my messages. I lost the time of my life in a game so that out of nowhere I would get rid of it. Think about whether it's worth playing with people so you can play. Could be the next


So far so good looking forward to the update I only just started but I really enjoy playing mate

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