Monomyth is an action-oriented first-person dungeon crawler with free movement and active combat. Inspired by the legendary King's Field series, this gripping RPG will lead you into the vast fortress of Lysandria, a place filled with savage enemies, deadly traps and hidden treasures.

Twitter: @rattower

Key features

  • Free Character Movement

    No grid based movement. Monomyth is a free movement dungeon crawler in the spirit of King's Field, Ultima Underworld or Arx Fatalis.

  • Action oriented real-time combat

    Actively swing your blade, cast spells, dodge, parry and block. The combat is based on a stamina system the player has to keep an eye on.

  • Blades, bows and spells

    Monomyth features both melee and ranged weapons. An optional lock-on mechanic will help you strike deadly blows against your enemies, while spells and arrows will require your precision as a player to find their targets.

  • Free character development

    The player is not bound to a certain playstyle. Therefore Monomyth does not feature any kind of class system. The player's character is developed by investing points into a variety of character attributes.

  • Enemy Infighting

    Equipped with a rich background story the enemies in Monomyth are living, breathing creatures, entangled in deadly rivalries.

  • Dynamic Encounters

    In the world of Monomyth monsters do not just spawn in the same place over and over again. Your journey through the fortress will be a dynamic experience. Where once you found a single enemy, you may encounter a group of several enemies at another time or maybe even a unique challenger, carrying precious equipment.

  • Metroidvania-styled world layout

    The halls of Lysandria are an intertwined web of secret chambers and hidden passageways. Keep a close eye on your map and explore the fortress from the deepest dungeon to the highest tower as you unlock more and more locations in the game world.

  • Outdoor areas

    While a good part of Monomyth is set indoor or underground, your journey will also take you to outdoor areas. Get some fresh air while you can!

  • High-tech medieval setting

    Monomyth is set in a medieval fantasy world. However primitive electronics and steam-powered machines are common. Dungeons are filled with pipes and electronic lights, castles are full with gears and mechanisms and enemies range from primitive grunts to high-tech soldiers.

  • Deadly environments

    The fortress of Lysandria is a hazardous environment. There is hot steam coming from leaking pipes, there are halls filled with poisonous gas, electrical hazards, pitch black caves with steep cliffs and traps. Lot's of traps. So always be on guard!

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Quick Update #3


The area I'm currently working on is coming along nicely. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to post another map overview. I want to have about a third of the area done by then, but we'll see.


Either way I hope the entire zone will be done by the end of October. After that I'll probably focus on making better animations and polishing the game logic a bit.

Quick Update #2

Quick Update #2


A couple of WIP screenshots of the area I'm currently working on.

Quick Update

Quick Update


Just to inform you what I'm currently working on and that I'm not dead.

The right inventory system

The right inventory system


Which kind of inventory system do you prefer in RPGs?

Monomyth has been greenlit!

Monomyth has been greenlit!


Monomyth has been greenlit after not even 5 days! Thank you all so much for your support!


This looks and sounds brilliant.

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