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An isometric adventure game with action and puzzle elements. Explore a medieval world and fight monsters for fame and fortune.

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Sneaking and bows

1 year ago News 2 comments

Been a while since the last update. I’m still working on Medieval Story, my long running project. The engine is more robust and I have changed my windowing framework to the latest glfw-master branch from GitHub. I decided to switch from 3.0.4 in order to get the latest mouse cursor support.

In regards to gameplay I have also made improvements. Both the mouse and keyboard controls have gotten more precise after tweaking the physics engine. The player slides better along walls and climbs stairs more easily. This is achieved by dynamically modifying the friction of the object that the player collides against.

Posted Image

The camera has also gotten smarter. Instead of just chasing the player in a rubber band like behaviour the camera now focuses on the area that is ahead of the player. If you are in combat the camera will focus back on the player so it does not to miss any action.

There are also a few new mechanics implemented that I felt the game could benefit from. One such item are Bows, they can be used to pick off enemies from a distance. A successful hit but not a lethal wound will attract the attention of your victim, he will start to chase and try to attack you.

Posted Image

Another new feature is the possibility to sneak around your enemies. I have adjusted the level editor to be able to tweak enemy’s awareness (this was hard coded until now). Each actor has a max and minimum radius from where he can spot the player. The maximum radius is used when the player runs and the minimum when the player uses sneak.

Posted Image

Posted Image

I think this will allow for more intricate quests where you are unable or forbidden from just killing your opponent.

Well that's all for now, thanks for reading!

... Oh, on a last note. I hope you consider voting for Medieval Story on Steam greenlight!

Medieval Story - Tower construction pt.2

Medieval Story - Tower construction pt.2

1 year ago News 0 comments

Here is part 2 of the tower construction series! See a step-by-step animation as the tower comes to existence.

Medieval Times - Tower construction

Medieval Times - Tower construction

1 year ago News 0 comments

Here I detail the work around creating a tower for Medieval Times.

Medieval Times alpha demo!

Medieval Times alpha demo!

1 year ago News 4 comments

How long can you survive in the medieval world? Find out by downloading the Medieval Times alpha demo!

Alpha stress test

Alpha stress test

1 year ago News 3 comments

Here is an update on Medieval Times progress. I am currently hard at work at hammering out the last few bugs before going to the Alpha release!

Medieval Story alpha demo

Medieval Story alpha demo

1 year ago Demo 0 comments

Medieval Story alpha demo. An action adventure game with puzzle and exploration elements.

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IsbaraHan Oct 9 2014 says:

i played the demo about 15 mins. i would like to mention about some mistakes/missings i saw in 15 mins:

-going down from stairs has no animation, he just falls from stairs.

-when map is open, i cant click to run/walk. it runs to where i clicked before i open the map.

-i have to click for every movement, i should be able to hold mouse button and it should run wherever i point.

-when i try to change direction while running, it skids toward previous direction.

-fighting dinamics are awful(im sorry), i think there is no need to explanation.

i think the game is promising in some ways but i dont think it will be soon.

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O-san Creator
O-san Oct 26 2014 replied:

Thank you for taking your time to try my game!

- Going down from stairs has no animation, he just falls from stairs.

This is a known issue, you will notice there are many actions that don’t have any animation. This is often seen in similar games too (Diablo 1&2, Baldur’s Gate etc.). I simply don’t have the hours required to render animations for every possible action. However there are already more animations than similar games out there. Diablo1 and Baldur’s Gate1&2 for instance doesn’t have any animations for running, resting or climbing stairs.

- When map is open, I can’t click to run/walk. It runs to where I clicked before I open the map.

- I have to click for every movement, I should be able to hold mouse button and it should run wherever I point.

I am currently looking into this. Hopefully they can be accomplished without too much rewrite of code.

- When I try to change direction while running, it skids toward previous direction.

I have improved the controls in the next release. The player movement has no skidding (or very/extremely little) and I have also made the movement speed somewhat faster.

- Fighting dynamics are awful (I’m sorry), I think there is no need to explanation.

It will be hard to fix the mechanics if you don’t tell me what bothers you. I aimed for a combat style where you have to be active instead of just holding down left mouse button when in battle. I think the combat is pretty fun already and it will get more engaging in the next release. There will be sneaking and the possibility of backstabbing, also enemies will group together to fight you in the next alpha release. You won’t be able to pick them off one by one so easily. There will also be bow weapons and shortcut-keys for the inventory slots for faster inventory usage.

- I think the game is promising in some ways but I don’t think it will be soon.

Thank you for your input! It is very valuable to me. I’m glad you find it somewhat promising despite its flaws.

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DeadMorning May 28 2014 says:


I have these errors when I enter the area of the 2nd city:

Error loading image file graphics/dress blue rest 2x2x2.png.

Problem enlarging image to POT size.

Error loading image file graphics/dress blue attack2 2.5x2.5x2.png.

Problem enlarging image to POT size.

Then when one guy give me the job to kill the rats, after exit his house if I try to enter on another building the game crash.

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O-san Creator
O-san May 29 2014 replied:

I'm sorry for your troubles. This sounds like your graphics card lacks the memory requirements to run the game properly. I have not yet pinned down the minimum system requirements but I think a built-in graphics card will struggle with the game. What hardware/graphics card do you have?

Have you tried running the game on "low" settings?

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DeadMorning May 29 2014 replied:

It was using the graphic card from my intel core i7, now with the main graphic card it's working fine.

Thanks for the help.

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RenderedWorld May 26 2014 says:

This game looks a lot like Project Zomboid but with a different theme, which is great! I like the art style and character movement. Game play is solid, too. :)

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JohnM5225 May 25 2014 says:

Looks cool, I'll give it a shot :) Quick question: would I be allowed to make a video on this?

+2 votes     reply to comment
O-san Creator
O-san May 25 2014 replied:

Yes of course, no problem! I'm interested in knowing how it goes. I'll be posting an updated alpha soon.

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DeadMorning May 24 2014 says:

I found 1 bug and 1 posible bug.

After talking with the first person with a star (Cedric) that told to go to the mill, I searched the town first and I found a small box and nails, then I went to the mill where I found the 2nd person that asked me to find some tools that I couldnt found (this is the posible bug because I think it should be that small box but I can't do nothing with it). The bug happened when I came back to the 1st npc (Cedric) and tried to talk again with him, he says "Do you have the tools I wanted?" and there is no option to select so Im stuck. Note: After trying everything I droped the small box on the ground close to the mill before come back to 1st npc.

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O-san Creator
O-san May 24 2014 replied:

Thank you! I was able to reproduce the bug and I will post a fix as soon as possible.

This is why it's called an alpha. =)

-- spoiler --
The small wooden box and nails are not the quest items. The toolbox that Roland asks for is on top of the workbench.

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