Work as a forensic investigator, performing real-world investigation on a military-grade conspiracy. Yes, in the real world! The game redefines the way you play. It doesn't run on software. It runs on evidence, on your brain. You start with a text message from Mark. From there, you'll replicate his mission, find what he found, live the adventure he lived. You're on your own. You just have your own device. You set your methods, your pace, your tools. A piece of evidence helps you discover a part of the story, leading to more evidence, making you progress. Your challenge is to find the truth. The truth is out there, on the Internet. The Internet is millions of times bigger than a computer game sandbox. Are you up to the challenge? You might find answers in a news story on CNN or the New York Times. Something about a real company or person might help you proceed. The president might be involved. It's so intertwined with reality you'll be left wondering if it didn't really happen.

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Mark accepts one last mission after retiring from CIA: help dismantle an emerging terrorist organization that is building a swarm bomb, an army of small devices that can self-organize for a combined, high-destructive attack. Mark Lane needs to infiltrate the organization and acquire enough knowledge to reverse-engineer the devices so that counter-measures can be deployed.

The device is being built around the world in separate cells of the organization. Mark will search and collect for device plans, programs and protocols.

The image depicts one of those plans. Your job is to retrieve these plans so that they can be forwarded to the OIG FIB.

What other secrets may these plans hold?

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