Summary: MageWorks was developed as a prototype for VR + Motion controllers in June of 2016. The game puts the player in the position of a mage with a spellbook in one hand and a staff in the other. Players flip through their spellbooks and use their staff to cast the spell. Players can also customize both their spellbooks and their staffs. After customizing their staff using resources found in the environment, players can 3d-print their designs. Currently in Early Access, MageWorks is due for release in Summer of 2017 and is compatible with both Vive and Touch.

Movement: The game originally used teleporting for movement, however the community quickly requested analogue for more advanced users, so a HoverDrone was added, allowing players to step on their drone to hover around places with analogue controls.

Gameplay: The game is designed to encourage players to unlock spells found in different environments. The spells are guarded by different configurations of castle or fortress style defenses. These attack/defense points are filled with a.i. that are ranged & melee and can be defeated with the player's spells consisting of five different class types:

  • Long range low impact
  • mid-range location based spells
  • short range high impact
  • summoning
  • defensive walls

When players unlock enough spells, they will be powerful enough to fight the game's boss which is a dragon guarding a vault.

Crafting: Player's will need to collect flowers to create ink. That ink can then be injected into staff drawing designs to empower their staffs unlocking additional mechanics (coming in a future build). Ink can be created by using the VR motion controls to cut, mill, mix, and bottle the ink. Crystals will need to be collected, shaped and equipped to improve spell power. Wood is needed to create staff parts as well. Players can cut, shape, lathe, draw and CNC staff parts to build a staff that fits their design creativity. These custom staves can be 3D printed as well, and the files are stored in the save game directory for use with a 3D printer.

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What's New:

  • Assault Points are here: 12 of 20 different assault points protecting the discovery of new spells have now been integrated. Fight your way strategically through these areas to unlock new spells.
  • Spell Casting Updates: Spells have now been categorized into five types. Long-Range Low Impact, Location based snares, Short Range High Impact, Summoning, and Defensive Walls
  • A.I. Updates: Archers are pretty accurate now and need to be considered when hitting an attack point.

Known Issues:

  • Dragon fight is still being programmed
  • Staff ink injection doesn't empower spells yet, but will soon.
  • The forest level vault has not been built yet
  • The dragon vault doesn't remain unlocked and this will be fixed in a small patch coming soon

On The Horizon:

  • Vaults will launch players into cave-based assault points to discover new drones. These drones are currently unlocked for testing.
  • Continued work on level design and integrating assault points into the cave level and town level
  • Continued optimization and bug-crunching.
MageWorks :: Update v0.1.00 now available

MageWorks :: Update v0.1.00 now available


MageWorks v0.1.00 is now available and migrating from an alpha status to a more beta-ish build.

MageWorks :: v0.0.17 Now Available on SteamVR

MageWorks :: v0.0.17 Now Available on SteamVR


MageWorks update v0.0.17 is now available, and with it comes several new features and improvements getting ever closer to a beta build!

MageWorks :: Update v0.0.16

MageWorks :: Update v0.0.16

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A brief update has been released fixing a few things under the hood, and implements the new level warp system.

MageWorks :: Update v0.0.15 Now Available

MageWorks :: Update v0.0.15 Now Available

News 1 comment

MageWorks v0.0.15 is now available and includes new spells, improved environments, aggressive A.I., and lots of progress on crafting.


Its rather strange to have a VR RPG specially since the player movement ideas are way too green at the moment for combat (you know, having to select to where to move, intead of moving naturally, feels counter instuitive), "Magical Duel" Based combats (where two mages combat each other with their spells) its other story though.

The spell book idea its rather neat, and you would consider a generation engine, where the player chose for example:
1.-School of magic
2.- If necesary, Element.
3.- if necesary, Distance
4.- If necesary, "is the spell casted on self Or on others?"
5.- "Streght of the spell" (example: Damage points, healing points)

About the Schools of magics, you would consider something similar to "The elders scrolls" idea of it as its pretty acuratery for most of the spells you would add.

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sporx Creator

good thoughts. so far there are two types of spell books. combat spell books and utility spell books. combat has stuff life short range, long range, burst, pet and defense. utility has things like hoverboards, flashlights, lockpicks, and portals. the way you've mapped it out would be good for spell crafting. that could be an advanced part of the game or something. or maybe DLC as an advanced spell book of crafting sorts.

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will this be rpg like for VR with a story focus or more sandbox. [ or both ].

just curius. [ dont have vr now but a friend will have one soon.]

watching now and hope it will become something interesting in the future.

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sporx Creator

probably a little of both, but on the casual side. spellbook and staff crafting based on elements & spells collected in the wild. looking into ways VR could give rpg games a different flavor, so not quite sure yet. but there is an inventory system in the works. stats will probably be really basic and focus more on schools of magic rather than traditional stuff like strength, dexterity, etc. this way, people can customize their spell books based on their favorite type of magic.

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guess that is right, schools of magic is more realistic as a mage.

Keep up to good work :)

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