Oh hey. Mugalo. we're jun & pate. This is basically a futuristic survival/simulation game where you parasitically control people (and their spaceships) in a galaxy whose inhabitants are aware of their simulated nature. Peace and order have been torn apart by the nacho wars, and trillions of souls are fumbling through the chaos of migration. Survive unfolding events, navigate the stars, and get to Lilith - a planet of milk and honey.

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Lemoosum (hello partner, the world is our possum). About 4 weeks ago, I set a minor goal to “just chop one tree down and get a freaking log”. I thought I’d accomplish this in one weekend, but I encountered heavy resistance in the mouse clicking code, and was totally wrong. But look — you can do that now — you can even mine rocks, and move multiple units around on the map. The world is truly our possum now. Okay, so, I think possums are fun — I think possums are supposed to be fun.

So here we go, in this digital moving picture, you’ll see me command my test units around, collect some resources, and then end the video. Yeah, we still have much to do. But hopefully, the nature of the game is becoming more clear — when on a planet, you’ll be collecting resources in a tactical-rts style, eventually processing them, dodging\fighting alien creatures, and crafting some items \ buildings — all with the goal of continuing the journey to Lilith. We are shooting for about a 50-50 spread when it comes to how much time the average player will spend on-planets vs. in-space. Planet hopping will be somewhat mandatory. Ignoring potential quest requirements, you’ll need to stop at these places for fuel & rations.

Food is important, everyone needs good food. We eat it!!

We will be entering the content integration of phase, known more formally as: content integration phase 1.0. Please don’t be intimidated by our highly technical language and professional approach to game development. But basically, with planet-level gameplay coming together, we’re now gonna try to add sound, in-game radio, and a communications UI where news feeds and announcements appear. This’ll give us a good idea about how immersion would feel.

Ok. Thanks for reading. Mugalo. Here’s that video:

Mining, Chopping, Moving (Planet Mode) - Indie DB

And ofc, here are some other pictures from the week:





Inventory, Robocop, Inventory

Inventory, Robocop, Inventory


Gopezum (I have something to say). Yea, so we got the inventory working, created a bunch of items, developed some character math systems, and built a...

Philadelphia (Hello), Chuck Mangione, Trees, Rocks, Lighting, Weather, Day-Night Cycles

Philadelphia (Hello), Chuck Mangione, Trees, Rocks, Lighting, Weather, Day-Night Cycles


I moved to the great city of Philadelphia. I also picked up a few classics at the record shop. But mostly, I wanted to make a jungle planet.

Portal Os, Niche Legends, Couch in the Torpedo Tubes

Portal Os, Niche Legends, Couch in the Torpedo Tubes


Hey, Mugalo. The Portal Os allows you to control (hijack the minds) of a handful of characters living within our galaxy. Because of this, we thought it...

Moving Units, Pathfinding Algorithm, Pablo Cruise

Moving Units, Pathfinding Algorithm, Pablo Cruise


Finally, we can move the golden whistle-lizard. Also -- spherical maps exist. When you land on a planet, the gameplay turns into a combination of real-time...

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Our planet... she is growing, learning, adapting. I suppose this one will carry #life. But of what sort?… T.co

Feb 24 2017

A planet is born. Look at all the undevelopment features. How cute. What should we call our first planet? #gamedevT.co

Feb 22 2017

Holy cow. That's not a cow. That's a spaceship baby! #gamedev #unity3d #wooooooooooooooooooo! T.co

Feb 20 2017

She's beautiful. Grown up. With regions and everything *wipes away a tear*. #gamedev # planet #gameart T.co

Feb 18 2017

Ok, we've got a prototype UI coming together. Radar, Navigation Ball, Gauges. #ui #ai #gamedev T.co

Feb 18 2017

Add even more gauges to your gauges to gauge everything gauge-able. #gamedev #warp #spacetravel T.co

Feb 16 2017

You gotta make gauges for your ship, step one. #gamedev #unity3d #indiedev T.co

Feb 14 2017

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