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Be Both Adventurer and Dungeon Master

With Labyrinth, embark on a new Collectible Card Game (CCG) adventure: Assemble powerful decks of Heroes to invade rival dungeons and engage in epic player vs. player 3D battles--then, use the loot from your conquests to customize your own dungeon and put together a powerful deck of bosses, minions, and traps to defend your riches at all costs.

Core Gameplay Features

  • PvP game which marries CCG & RPG
  • Your Offense deck forms a party of Heroes to raid a dungeon
  • Your Defense deck forms a dungeon with Bosses to defend your loot when you are not online
  • Tactical turn-based action fused with CCG strategy
  • Boss cards define their own uniquely themed dungeon rooms
  • Free to Play with hundreds of cards to win, craft, and purchase
  • Releasing on PC and Mac; iOS and Android to follow

Chat live -- just look for the Oracle at the bottom of the Labyrinth website. Or talk to us using: community forum, Labyrinth CCG Steam group, @labyrinthoracle, Facebook, or Twitch.

Bring 'action' to collectible card games

With the inclusion of a turn-based 3D combat system, we are excited to bring more action and tactical thinking to the battlefield, upending many conventions of traditional card games. Every card is more than a means for achieving victory: it's also part of a living, breathing world. This also plays to our studio’s experience in making AAA action games.

Design for deep CCG strategy

The combination of tactical action with familiar CCG strategy opens the door to a new kind of adventure game. We are happy that the creator of Ascension and Solforge, Justin Gary and his team at Stone Blade have joined us to add their decades of experience playing and designing CCGs to our own. Together we are exploring this new frontier and discovering new possibilities for rich gameplay.

Create an expansive world rich in culture--both magical and familiar

We are passionate game developers. We want that to shine through in Labyrinth. In crafting the diverse world of Hylea, whether we are describing the Cosmos and creation story of Starfall or the jewelry of a Giant from the Northern Clans, we strive to have our passion and attention to detail reflect in every facet of story and art.

Build a game that will last for decades

First and foremost, Labyrinth is a collectible card game. With their hallmarks of creative play, endless combinations, meta-game thinking and the potential for vast expansion, CCGs offer the best and longest-lasting experiences in gaming. We've captured these proven qualities and folded them into an exciting new game.

Labyrinth is a love letter written to the things that first ignited our passion for gaming--collectible card games, fantasy RPGs, and turn-based PC strategy games. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this project and any feature requests!

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The long-awaited RPG update is here!

Embark on a new adventure through the city of Starfall on a quest to find the entrance of the Labyrinth. Enjoy a new expanded story as you explore the mysterious and dangerous streets of Northgate and Smithstone. While your heroes are away, protect your Lair with your Boss against would-be interlopers!

Important Changes

Improved progression. Your Heroes and Bosses move to each new zone together, and gain in power as they do so. Stars are tied to your location, and no longer gained with level. Level still unlocks cards.

Adventure combines other modes. PvP and story content are woven into a single campaign. As you battle your way to the heart of the city, you encounter the Bosses of other players who are doing the same.

Simplified economy. Gold is now primarily used to buy card packs. Stardust is used to craft cards and buy Heroes and Bosses. Additional rewards along the journey to get to the Labyrinth. Hero Card Packs and Boss Card Packs have been added for real money purchase.

Quests temporarily disabled. A new quest system will be turned on in a patch in the couple weeks, as we get back to a regular cadence of updates. The additional rewards from the tutorial and Northgate, plus the reward at the end of the Labyrinth should more than compensate in the short term.

Please let us know what you like about the changes and any questions you may have. We will follow-up with another report next week.


Free Range Games


Known Issues

  • Quests have been temporarily turned off while we finish refining the new Quest system
  • Consumable items in Hero inventory are being moved back to the Lair stash upon Hero death
  • If you leave the adventure map with your Heroes on your Lair, but don't Return to Lair, when you hit Play to return to game you will pass through the Lair but not cure Wounds or respawn empty map locations until you go to map and hit Return to Lair
  • Card pack rewards and, in some cases, card unlocks are being granted but reward notifications for them are not appearing
  • Dupes filter in deck editing includes 2nd copies of Stack 2 Perks
  • Some UI elements move out of place in certain menus on multiple viewings of the same screen
  • Scrolling Heroes and Bosses in the store isn't intuitive New icons are disabled on new cards added to Collection

Card Fixes

  • Kylee's passive ability was unnecessarily restricting draw with a full hand to replace the triggering Ranged Attack card played
  • Whetstone was not adding "Draw a card." to Acuminate text
  • Spiked Vambrace was only giving Counterstrike 1 not Counterstrike 3
  • Crackling Tesseract could not be used actively, only passively
  • Untamed Flames kicker could hit same target twice instead of second target
  • Petrifusion with Phial of Smokestone was spending Molten Veins
  • Walk the Mists was allowing teleport next to enemies
  • Howl From Within was sometimes not appearing in the action feed
  • Ember Hounds cards still had Volatile text on card inspect even when Ignited Hounds Perk had removed it
  • Frozen Solid erroneously described as increasing Attack, but increases Armor
  • Gravity Generator wasn't triggering on pick up of Defense Orb
  • Blade of the Deathless was playing with no valid targets when only Hero had Stealth
  • Crown of Vaylar was missing some Minion kills in its count

Card Revisions

  • Pickpocket now won't place drops on occupied spaces, but can be wasted if there are no empty spaces
  • Relic of Ynoth now costs 3 stars instead of 4
  • Necromotivator now costs 4 stars instead of 5
  • Bloodborn Bracers now costs 4 stars instead of 5
  • Mastery of the Ways now costs 4 stars instead of 5
  • Coiled Dragon Technique is now 3 Tick Windup, 3 Piercing in Blast 2, 3 Armor during Windup, no Fury kicker
  • Phial of Smokestone now costs 2 stars instead of 3
  • Militant Monk now costs 2 stars instead of 1 and has speed 2 instead of 3
  • Unstable Core now gives Frozen Sentinels "Last Words - Enemy characters in Blast 1 are Frozen."
  • Power Slam is now Blast 2 not Cross 3
  • Thundering Rage now won't be played without an adjacent enemy
  • Zha, Which Eats the Sun now draws and plays Breath of the Sun instead of doing the equivalent as a default attack action

Labyrinth CCG + tactical RPG : Week 112 Progress

Labyrinth CCG + tactical RPG : Week 112 Progress


Since the last progress report we encountered a couple bad bugs that put us behind our desired schedule, but we've moved past them and in the process...

Labyrinth CCG + tactical RPG : Happy New Year!

Labyrinth CCG + tactical RPG : Happy New Year!


Development progress and message on upcoming update.

Labyrinth CCG + tactical RPG : Year End Progress

Labyrinth CCG + tactical RPG : Year End Progress


Happy all the holidays! IOTY recap. Development report. Steam Winter Sale reminder. And of course, more concept card art.

Labyrinth CCG + tactical RPG : Intro & Appeal for your Vote

Labyrinth CCG + tactical RPG : Intro & Appeal for your Vote


Embark on a new CCG adventure: Assemble powerful decks of Heroes to invade rival dungeons and engage in epic 3D battles against other players--then, use...

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Woow, super cool. Is there mobile version launched yet? Is that possible that you are looking for the mobile games publishers for the global marketing?

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I may be blind or dumb or both but how do I get invited to play this awesome game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hey freerangegames

Would you consider adding "finishing moves" to the game, sort of like they have in Dragon age Origins?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
freerangegames Creator

That's an interesting idea. It might be difficult to implement since there are a variety of finishing moves, but we'll discuss it among our designers.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

me gusta este juego

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Looks really nice, i can't wait for play it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

"on it's quest" - > on its quest

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

"on it's quest" ACTUALLY should be "on its' quest"
Learn grammar before you attempt to correct others bro.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
freerangegames Creator

Sorry, but its' is never correct. However, where is this typo? I cannot find it any where.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Its' means "belonging to". That is correct version. However, I couldn't find that error anywhere either, so I wouldn't worry about it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
freerangegames Creator
Thinking about it though, the possessive of its when talking about its as a word, would probably be its'. For example, "its' usage" which means "the usage of its". So never say never.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
freerangegames Creator

I've looked all over our pages here and cannot find the typo, "on it's quest". I must be blind. Can some one join me on this quest and help me find it? I doubt our guest here will see the reply to their message.

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