It's a sequel of Invader Attack, but much better in every possible way. I paid particular attention to the realism and the graphics this time. They're fully 3D and polished and the collisions are realistic as well. Visual effects, behaviors, AI and overall gameplay experience should interest even the core shmup fans.

I am a fan of shmups. I'm not saying I'm a core fan, but I did like the genre when I was a kid. I sucked at playing shmups, but still was very excited while playing them. Had eyes wide open, a grin on my face and a somewhat retarded overall look.

What I was unable to find was the shmup where everything collides with everything else and behaves closer to how things work in reality. So, few dozen years later I made such a game. And I'm freaking proud of it.

Early gameplay video made during development of the v0.7 shows how game can get very intense and real:

Version 1.0 was released on 8th August 2014. It's a final version, fully finished game with all bugs fixed, performance issues solved, annoyances altered to be less annoying, optimized with an almost 10% performance gain in comparison with the 0.9.7 release.

This is it folks, try it for yourself:

Demo allows you to play only one level and the level is introductory, invaders don't really attack that much and there's a single type of invader. Trailer is not revealing much either, on top of that it's too old now, it was done back when 0.7 version was the latest.

I had several testers from IndieDB testing the game, but if you notice something not working properly, please do tell, I'm eager to fix all the bugs, even though I already fixed all I knew about and I'm not aware there are more.

I hope you'll like the game as this is kind of game I always wanted to play but nothing similar was present on the market, invaders were mostly predictable waves of brainless sprites and whatnot. I wanted to make something original by implementing many features not seen so far in any similar game. Let me know if I succeeded.

UPDATE: game received a review from IGM (v0.9.7):

IMPORTANT: for all of you expecting to play the game for free, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed to know that I spent a very long time thinking about the ways to make a smart and bulletproof protection and I successfully made it and integrated it with this game. I call it a 'puzzler'. It puzzles even me, I failed to crack the game and I'm the one who made the protection, that's how good the protection is. I think crackers will give up after few years of trying. Will use same protection for all my future games, including the upcoming Shmup God.

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It wasn't a hard decision to make after almost 2 years of no sales. IA2 is now retired. What does that mean you might ask. Well, for starters demo is no longer available on my website, you cannot download it anymore. Downloadable installer was actually a full version, just initially executing in a demo mode. You still might find it somewhere on the Internet on some download websites, but you can't purchase it, so you will never be able to play a full version, but this is not such a big deal because chances are that if you haven't purchased the game during past 2 years already you're not interested and never will be anyway. People who already own the game will however still be able to play it.

This is it, bye bye Invader Attack 2!

My plan is to make a sequel, better and different in every way, similar to how IA2 was much better than its predecessor. But this is far from realization since I'm working on other things and other games for now. The failure of IA2 made me think and question things about entire genre and what to do to make players interested again, but the lack of information and any serious feedback have put things on hold.



Invader Attack 2 v1.0 release

Invader Attack 2 v1.0 release


Many annoyances removed or altered, improved performance, final boss finished, all bugs fixed.

Invader Attack 2 improved, plus a serious price slash

Invader Attack 2 improved, plus a serious price slash


I'm not a greedy bastard like some called me, 53% price slash proves that, but the game is worth much more. It's not something that can be seen playing...

Invader Attack 2, v0.9.5 released

Invader Attack 2, v0.9.5 released


The game is now almost finished, most of bugs fixed, some new features and additional levels.

Invader Attack 2, early access version available for download and purchase

Invader Attack 2, early access version available for download and purchase

News 2 comments

With all of the game's main features and 44 levels fully finished, I'm proud to announce that the "early access" version is available for download and...

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Invader Attack 2 demo

Invader Attack 2 demo


Version 1.0 was released on 8th August 2014, I forgot to upload it here, so here it is, in case some of you are interested in trying the game.


nice game

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codergames Creator


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This developer is using puppets to attack fellow developers. Do not support this developer. Check out reddit user "shmupgamer", unless this developer has already burned the evidence.

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codergames Creator

Not sure what you're talking about, there are hundreds of players contacting me. Some are haters like you, some are praising the game. I guess, the opinions about the game are split, but no one ever accused me of being the Master of Puppets.

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Just a friendly piece of advice I would try to make the main player and enemies more distinguishable.

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codergames Creator

They're extremely different as it can be seen from the screenshots or by playing the game. The main player is at the bottom on the screenshots, looking quite differently. Your advice is appreciated, but it makes no sense to me, sorry :)

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