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Gods of the Fallen Land is an action-strategy game centered around base building and villager management.

Take on the roll of a leader trying to rebuild humanity in a broken and dangerous world. The area layout changes with each play through and your villagers are randomly generated, with their own names, appearances, and traits. Build your defenses and keep your followers safe through the night, while collecting and managing your resources during the day to face the ever growing threats. Lead your followers into battle and make strategic decisions on what to develop and build to survive.

Take lead, manage your village, and prepare your defenses as you fight to survive against the terrors of the night.

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Game Updates and Demo Released

God of the Fallen Land released about two months ago, two updates have been released since then along with a demo version. These updates have mainly been focused on balance, polish, and clarifying mechanics, along with a few new content additions.

Demo Version

A demo version of Gods of the Fallen Land is now available to download. It allows you to play up to Day 4 in game to get a general feeling for the gameplay, however there is plenty to see past that point. Endless mode is also locked in the demo version. If you purchase the full version your saved game from the demo should carry over.

Game Updates

Two updates have been released for Gods of the Fallen Land based on feedback I’ve received since launch. There have been numerous quality of life and UI polish changes, even more than are listed in the patch notes. There have also been some minor balance changes and content additions. As far as content goes, 1.0.1 added two slime type enemies that can appear if it’s raining during an attack. 1.1 is a bit more substantial, it adds an early version of an alternative map type.

GotFL snowing

At the moment Snow maps play pretty much identically to standard maps with the difference of alternate graphics and two new enemies. These snow enemies, much like the slimes, will only spawn during certain weather. Slimes will break apart and inflict debuffs, the snow enemies have the lowest HP and damage of all enemies but they attack from range and inflict debuffs that can quickly put you in a bad situation. A new weapon type item and a new upgrade are also available in the 1.1 update.

snow enemy gif

Whats Next?

After this I’m planning on working on a major content update. Planned additions for this update include expanding on the differences between Normal and Snow maps and adding more map generation features to improve replayability.

forge leader character

"Forge Leader"

These additions would also include an alternative leader character. This alternative character will have different abilities, attacks, building options, and upgrades. This should provide a very different playstyle from the current character. Currently plans are to have this new leader character focus much more on defensive construction rather than managing and assigning followers. Their follower cap would be much lower than the current character in exchange for more powerful and versatile defensive structures. Thats just the surface though, more about this in the future.

More random events, items, and enemies are also planned.

Full Update Notes

Version 1.1

New Features

  • Added Snow Maps
  • Added Snow Kin Enemy
  • Added Snow King Enemy
  • Added Snow Weather
  • Added Stormcaller Staff item weapon (Drops from weather enemies and large chests)

Snow maps are an alternative map type with different visuals and two new enemies. New enemies only spawn while it's snowing. 50% chance of generating a snow map when starting a new game. Will be expanded upon more in the future


  • Followers now speak more often in certain situations to alert you of their status (Such as if they cannot garrison inside or if they are selected and not performing their job)
  • “Blessing of Vigor” Level requirement raised from 3 to 4
  • “Starstorm” Level requirement lowered from 4 to 3
  • An endgame enemy can now inflict Panic
  • Slimes now only spawn on normal maps, during the rain
  • Weather chance is now more random
  • Improved damage and scaling of ‘Holy Ground’ ability
  • Added “Advanced Agriculture” upgrade, improves crop yields by 1 each rank.
  • Active Crypts will now show up on the minimap
  • Standardized crop growth times, now always grows one full yield a day.
  • ’Advanced Storage’ upgrade cost reduced, 600 Materials to 300, 800 Aether to 500


  • Added indicators for Follower Orders
  • Title Screen now scales better at higher resolutions
  • Added “Demolish Building” to command menu (Previously only accessible via Z Key)
  • Added Status icon for ‘Panic’ effect
  • ’Food Per Day’ counter now takes into account current crop count (NOTE: This is just a count of your planted crops and food drain, if you don’t have anyone assigned to the mill the crops won’t be harvested)


  • Improved visuals of endgame enemy structures
  • Improved visuals of Lich Boss attack effects
  • Minor animation changes


  • Fixed Health bar not displaying if an enemy is shielded
  • Fixed some allied projectiles displaying status icons
  • Fixed enemies fleeing into rock wall at sunrise
  • Fixed issue where you could select followers while dead
  • Fixed issue where allied golem’s names would show as “Golem Golem” on death
  • Possible fix to rare launch issue
  • Fixed Wisp sounds ignoring sound volume setting
  • Fixed issue with incorrect/overlapping building outlines
  • Fixed bug where saving and loading during the Lich attack would cause the event to end prematurely

Version 1.0.1


  • Added Indicator for Alarm Bell
  • Added Button for Pause Menu(Previously only accessible via Esc Key)
  • Added Info Menu on Title Screen
  • Added Status Effect Indicators for movement penalty effects
  • Various small changes


  • Added Small Slime Enemy
  • Added Medium Slime Enemy
  • Slimes can now spawn while it’s raining
  • Added ‘Rooted’ status effect


  • Rare crash fixed
  • Several minor bugs fixed
'Gods of the Fallen Land' is now available!

'Gods of the Fallen Land' is now available!


Gods of the Fallen Land has been released for Windows and is now available on itch.io! A combination of top down action, strategy, and management. Gods...

What is 'Gods of the Fallen Land'?

What is 'Gods of the Fallen Land'?


Gods of the Fallen land is a village building action-strategy game. In this article I'll be covering the basic mechanics of the game, so look it over...

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Gods of the Fallen Land - Demo

Gods of the Fallen Land - Demo


Demo Version of Gods of the Fallen Land. Allows play up to Day 4 in game to get an impression of the gameplay. Saved games from the demo should carry...


Any plans for steam?

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Village building action-strategy? YES, i have always wanted a Populous-Civilization game.

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May 28 2016

Working on some designs for a future player character. Thoughts? #gamedev #pixelart T.co

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Messing around with simple shaders for a night effect. How does it look? #gamedev #screenshotsaturday T.co

Mar 12 2016

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