GearBlocks is a sandbox construction game where you build all things mechanical: cars, trucks, cranes, lifts, planes, quadcopters or anything else you can think of. Want your car to have working steering? Build all the steering linkages and hook up the rack and pinion gears. Want it to have a functional drive-train with a differential? Put it all together with gears, axles and a motor.

Once you've made your construction, share what you've built with your friends, try out what others have made, and maybe learn a new building trick or two along the way.

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Hey everyone, I thought I'd introduce my game and myself a little bit. This is a bit of a passion project for me. I've loved games since a young age, but I was also just as into Lego Technic, cars and generally anything mechanical, an interest that has carried through to this day. The idea behind this game is to take the joy of building mechanical things and interacting with them, and combine it with simple skill based challenges, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to easily share your creations with others.

Pillars of this game project:-

  1. Creative building.
  2. Interactive working machines & mechanisms.
  3. Community & sharing.

Key Features

The game is still in early pre-alpha development, so many of these features are still in progress or not available yet.

  • Hundreds of parts to build with (blocks, wheels, axles, gears, motors and much more).
  • Intuitive and flexible first person building system.
  • Physics based mechanical elements that behave very much like their real world counterparts.
  • Damage system that lets you smash your constructions to smithereens.
  • Creative game mode: ultimate flexibility to build and test your creations, and then share them with others.
  • More game modes planned, will be announced soon.

Pre-alpha Playable Demo

Build 0.4.6450 for Windows
GearBlocks Demo 0.4.6450 Win32

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Right now it's a team of one making this game, just me (there's no "I" in team, but there is a "me"?) I guess you could say I'm an industry veteran (in other words, I'm old ;)). After having worked as a programmer in "AAA" games for around 15 years, I decided to try an experiment, could I develop and release my own game? Jury's still out on that, but things are going pretty well so far. You can find me here:

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GearBlocks Demo 0.4.6450 Win32

GearBlocks Demo 0.4.6450 Win32

Demo 2 comments


GearBlocks Demo 0.4.6095 Win32

GearBlocks Demo 0.4.6095 Win32

Demo 24 comments


GearBlocks Demo 0.4.6034 Win32

GearBlocks Demo 0.4.6034 Win32

Demo 9 comments

GearBlocks pre-alpha demo - build 0.4.6034. GearBlocks is now upgraded to Unity 5, which brings a significant physics performance improvement. In addition...

GearBlocks Demo 0.3.5971 Win32

GearBlocks Demo 0.3.5971 Win32

Demo 12 comments

GearBlocks pre-alpha demo - build 0.3.5971. This update brings the new more efficient and less buggy part alignment search system. There's also a new...

GearBlocks Demo 0.3.5893 Win32

GearBlocks Demo 0.3.5893 Win32

Demo 3 comments

GearBlocks pre-alpha demo - build 0.3.5893. This build tweaks the way parts align together during construction, the servo motor now has a configurable...

GearBlocks Demo 0.3.5834 Win32

GearBlocks Demo 0.3.5834 Win32

Demo 19 comments

GearBlocks pre-alpha demo - build 0.3.5834. This update brings some changes to the construction controls, including the ability to clone individual parts...

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Hey there, I love the game so far! Sorry if this has been asked before, but will pulleys be implemented? It's kind of hard for me to get the gears just right sometimes and pulleys would help with that. Also, it may be asking for too much, but i would like pulleys so we could make a CVT/torque converter. Thanks!

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dangersam Creator

Thanks, glad you're enjoying it! I do plan on implementing pulleys and belts, yes. It probably won't be possible to make a CVT with them though.

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First off, I love the game, anything that lets me build massive off-road trucks gets an A, but actually building the drivetrain out of gear and axles I can’t quite explain how great this is.
Any game where I can race my 8 wheeled Tatra in 3rd gear (going about 120k/h) up the side of a cliff and collide midair with a prototype, plummet to the ground in a mess of gear and beams then keep on driving is firstly, a hell of a lot of fun, secondly: runs better than a pre-alpha physic game has any right to and thirdly: something I dearly want to see finished/continued

And it’s great to see that already a community is forming that want to see this game grow. continuing with this theme of growth, a few ideas for you, take what you want, ignore it all if you wish, but if I in some little way help make this game better I’ll be happy:

Have an aero foil part that produces lift at a right angle to its surface when it moves through the world.
It could be resizable like plates with lift being a function of area and speed.
Also, a rudder part, again resizable like plates with its force being a function of area and speed, that exerts a force when it’s not in line with the direction of movement.

3rd person camera when seated, when in 1st person view scrolling out changes from 1st to 3rd with continued scrolling changing the distance.

A stepper motor that rotates a configurable amount each time forward or back is pressed.
e.g a motor set to 90, will take 4 presses to do 360degrees.
Good for gearboxes, indexing or doors/hoods

The ability to type numbers into block configurations, not too necessary but useful and convenient

Combine gears. E.g 2 or more gears locked together but spin freely on an axle.

1 Length axles that join on the surface of beams/plates.

Ball joints, with a ball piece and a cup piece similar to the lego technic ball joints and suspension arms.

And for multiplayer you could just sync the input while letting each client simulate the physic separately, it’d be more than enough for some fun. maybe every few 1000ms or so sync up the location/rotation/speed

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dangersam Creator

Ah, another lego fan I see! Cheers for your kind words, glad you're enjoying the game, and thanks for the suggestions!

- Resizable wing sections are in my plan to do yes, and a rudder part is a good idea too!
- A 3rd person camera is also on the to do list.
- Stepper motors are done and in the full version of the game.
- Typing numbers in to resize blocks is an interesting thought, I'll have to think how this could work from a UI perspective.
- Rigidly attaching gears together is a cool idea, I could see how that might be useful for building gearboxes and such.
- Yeah, axles that attach to the surface of the other parts should be doable.
- Ball and socket joints are done (again, in the full version), including suspension arms and uprights similar to those in lego technic. I also have CV joints. Combining these pieces together you can have driven wheels with suspension and steering.

I have a working prototype implementation of networked multiplayer, although it is server authoratitive (i.e. all the physics is run only on the server). It is very bandwidth intensive, what with having to sync all the moving objects out to the clients. The idea you suggest of having each client sim their own physics, and then sync periodically between them, might be a way around this issue. However, it's not without its own problems, when there's no single authority on where an object is, some sort of conflict resolution needs to happen when things interact. Anyway, something to think about for the future!

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Aerodynamic parts when? I want to build planes and helicopters.
Also it would be great if there was symmetric wheels for bikes, because current wheel is not symmetric from both sides, i currently use a saved construction from older version of the game to make self-balancing bikes.

1 more thing: Would be really cool if you could make some diagonal 45 degree parts, like this:>
../ /
./ /

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dangersam Creator

Yeah, I'm planning on adding wheels specifically for bikes that will be centered. I'll also be working on sloped blocks (beams and plates) soon. Aero parts will come a little later after I've done some more research into how I'm going to implement them.

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Hey, how about u-joints? This would make suspensions even better.
nice game btw

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You can make Universal Joints they are just a bit big and if too heavy rattle the entire vehicle

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dangersam Creator

Thanks! Yeah, universal joints will be in the full version (actually CV joints - basically the same thing).

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LOVE the game! any information on how a full version can be purchased, viewed etc? Also, do you have any plans for being able to make parts starting at non right angles? thanks, jacob aka aero

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dangersam Creator

Thanks! Sorry, I don't have any news just yet about the full version.

As for "non right angle" parts, yes, there are couple of ideas for this. Firstly, I plan on adding sloped beams and plates (so you don't need a whole bunch of blocks in a "stair stepping" pattern). Secondly, not 100% on this yet, but I aim to at least try allowing attachment of beams and axles at smaller than 90 deg intervals, and see how that works out.

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