You explore a galaxy far away together with your small group in spaceship. You can play the game with different roles like space pirate, merchant, bounty hunter, miner or slave trader. You can retrofit your ship's rooms to your needs. Use botanical gardens to grow your own food or build teleporters and shield generators to get tactical advantages. But don't forget to fulfill basic needs like crew quarters, a bridge or thrusters. You can also explore the planets! Use your teleporter to send your crew to a planet's surface and search for treasures. While playing the game, you can unlock achievements which can be used to customize and enhance your next games.

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Crew equipment

So far, every soldier had a rifle and all other crew members had a pistol to fight their enemies. Now, you can equip firearms, body armors and jewelry to each of your crew members.

You can loot firearms from any hostile humanoid enemy like space pirates or raiders on planets and in dungeons. There is a certain chance that they drop their pistol or rifle. Normal crew members are no longer limited to equip pistols. After looting a rifle, any crew member can use it!

Body armors can be bought at any merchant, if you are lucky. Jewelry items can be looted from defeated enemies. Jewely can improve a character's damage, experience gain, maximum hit points, speed and more.

In order to manage your crew's equipment, open the Crew menu. You'll see your crew member's inventory below their skills. You can change the equipment at any time.

Man space ship terminals

Another new feature is manning space ship terminals. Select a crew member and click on one of the following objects in your spaceships to man this terminal. Your mouse cursor will indicate the object you can man with a different cursor and the object will be highlighted.

Pilot terminal

Click on the pilot's seat to send your crew member to man the pilot terminal. While this terminal is manned, the hyperdrive charges 10% faster during combat. It charges 25% faster, if it's manned by a pilot.

Weapon terminal

You can find this terminal next to the pilot's terminal in the cockpit of your ship. Man it to increase your spaceship's weapon turret damage by 10%. The damage bonus is 25%, if the terminal is manned by a soldier.

Drone booster

Man its terminal to increase drone weapon damage by 10%. The bonus damage is increased to 25% when manned by an engineer.

Shield generator

When manned, the shields are regenerating. The regeneration rate is increased when manned by an engineer.

AI improvements

When fighting against civilian ships, you will see that the enemy crew will also man the stations of their ships to increase their combat abilities!

Game balancing

The generic 25% damage boost for ship weapons when fired by a soldier has been removed and replaced with the damage boost of weapon terminals (see above).

When killing enemy soldiers, beasts or monsters all your crew members gain experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Some doors in dungeons were placed with a displacement.
  • In two dungeons, a wall segment had no end.
  • There were resource in dungeons that could not be gathered.
  • The game could crash when teleporting into dungeons while the mouse was moved outside the game window.
  • After losing a game, the skill texts in the last dialog (the one were you can select which captain you want to save) were wrong.
  • A lighting issue with enemies like bears, giant spiders and wolves has been solved.

Coming up next: Story Mode!

The next update will come between mid and end of May and bring the Story Mode to Galactic Crew. I post frequent news on Twitter. You might want to check it out to see daily news about the progress.

The overall goal of the game so far is survival. The Story Mode will bring new Story Cards to the game creation menu to add an overall goal to the game. This means there will be a condition to win the game!

What else will be included in the update?

  • Two new spaceships that can be unlocked by getting new achievements
  • New rooms, including upgraded versions of existing rooms
  • New playable race: Androids.
  • ]New tutorial
  • New planets
  • New dungeons
  • ...
Update 30 - New enemies, 40 new dungeons and much more..

Update 30 - New enemies, 40 new dungeons and much more..


The latest update of Galactic Crew brings 40 new dungeons with new rooms, new enemies and new loot! New space quests and a new planetary mission with...

Update 29 - New planets, new quests and object highlighting

Update 29 - New planets, new quests and object highlighting


The latest content update brings six new planets, new quests, new beast enemies, object highlighting and other improvements.

Update 28 - Dinosaurs, lootable enemies, object highlighting, new planet, new skill, new loot, ...

Update 28 - Dinosaurs, lootable enemies, object highlighting, new planet, new skill, new loot, ...


This week's update brings new enemies to Galactic Crew: Dinosaurs! You can find them on a new planetary mission. Object highlighting makes it easier for...

Update 27 - Co-op multiplayer mode, new languages supported, multiple save games and more!

Update 27 - Co-op multiplayer mode, new languages supported, multiple save games and more!


The co-op multiplayer mode is finally available for Galactic Crew! You can team up with up to three friends to explore the beauty and dangers of a vast...

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I am interested in this game, but Steam is a non-starter for me.
Will you distribute it through alternative means in the future (for instance through GOG) ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
GalacticCrew Creator

I am sorry for my late reply. I haven't seen your message. I am a single developer working with a team of freelancers (3d artists, voice artists, etc.). More distribution platforms are going to come and GOG is a must. At the moment, my game is only available on Steam to reduce the management overhead. Many platforms use their own content management and it takes a lot of time to maintain all of them.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

It has been a few months since then, so I am not really expecting this any more to happen.
Developing a multiplayer support on Steam means that this game is now locked to Steam (it would have needed a server independent from Steam to be anything else).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GalacticCrew Creator

Hello Fafhred! I will publish it on other platforms after the game's release. At the moment, the game supports Multiplayer over Steam and TCP/IP, which is independent from any distribution platform! You do not need a Steam server to run multiplayer games. If other distribution platforms offer their own multiplayer layer, I will support them.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I really hope I win this - i'd love to test AND review this game :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I will be devastated if I don't win this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I am so hyped for it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
GalacticCrew Creator

Thank you very much! I am working very hard on it. If you find something unsatisfying about the game, you can write me a mail at any time!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Will do, can't wait for it to be fully released!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

do I get a key?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
GalacticCrew Creator

There is a key giveaway here on IndieDB this Friday! It's your chance to get a free copy of the game!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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