Crack (1994) for Amiga, SNES and SEGA CD, later in 1995 on PC And Playstation. the game was originally developed by German Video game developer McGold Productions Software. Later was ported for Nintendo DS in 2010.

This is the Windows 95 version in development which is going to be work on Multimedia Fusion 2.5

NOTE: if this project finished in future and SEGA (Namco for the SNES and PS1) would publish this or not... However, the Crack franchise is de facto owned by Universal Studios which was planned to distribute animated shorts in middle 80s and early 90s but anyway they're unreleased.


Eric Crack Olaff "Boo" McGold. - The franchise's titular Austrian scientist and heavy metal lead guitarist of a South-Korean descent. little bit obsessed with cheese burgers the same compared to the hedgehog's chilidogs, and of course you mean... acording to the modern himself, He uses his Supersonic speeds (Like a hedgehog!) and his old XIX-century invented magic notebook (that also Maxwell owns the same) along with the globe... He is actually described as "Sonicwell", the noun that he's running with a speed of sound and summon objects. Just don't make him really very mad until he peforms the Tasmanian Devil tornado!

The character among with Bluey (Until 1994), Doroia and rest of cast also they appear in TV Commercials since 1982 in United States, Japan, United Kingdom, etc. in animated formula in Live-Action format, which also produced Toys, animated TV Series, comics (Also Manga), and other.

Bluey - a Tiny cute blue blob, he crashed down in a ship who later became Crack's Sidekick. he crashed down a planet while he was a baby and Crack named him "Bluey" instead of Doroia was saying "Bowling Ball". Years later, Bluey now talks with a cute child-like voice, he teld he wants back to his planet, but a good thing he joined Crack to live forever in his Planet, Crack teached him how to life in this planet, about nature and animals.

Doroia - a Comic-relief Green Bat, He is Crack's parrot-inspired bat who speaks very squeaky. He finds first a crashed spaceship before Crack came to see, Doroia just wanted to name him "a Bowling ball" instead of this, Crack named him "Bluey", because he is bluey and has his stars on his cheeks. He does something anger and trying to teach bluey an unpleasant lesson about the planet's nature, fails again and Crack teaches him instead himself.

Zhu Zin Quang (Chinita) - a Very sweetest Italian-nicknamed chinese little girl who she likes eating noodles, she can't talk instead she giggles, laughing, and growling sounds. She lives with his uncle (Crack) since always, when she wakes up... she does a Tai-Chi exercise, because she's look like chinese I know? She is very afraid of anything like Spiders, snakes and some monsters, as the thing Zin was afraid of Crack and ran away (because she does not know his uncle). Which later, he knows herself that She's Crack's niece. She has the very long black hair wearing the odango style.

Keith Kellog McGold - The father to Eric Crack, He's a scientist like Crack, a big-brained, short-sized with glasses, he can tell Crack everything what will, and was.

Robin John Saucesquach - is a Austrialian-speaking one which muscles who has the advice to guide the heroes the moves, tell the tips and the mysteries about Evil Chairman Clancy and mysterious towns.

Hando Jun San - Seen in before the sequel. He is a samurai who lives in JapanTown. He always to be a bit Sushi glutton. He was a dark-blue Ninja during the cutscenes of this game as he always fallowing the Trio's back and spying everywhere making no mess, or doing the trio's enemy sobotage. He was shown first time to Trio and both started screaming around, while Crack recognizes is he real or unknown. Crack was just about to befriend him but he failed and Hando himself escaped. In the ending, Hando revals his face and apoligizes to Crack, then later the Trio fallows him.

Bigs Bunny - If you remember this old cartoon. He is just same with blue fur skin. He's a tall-sized rabbit who is the culture of the Planet Neurosis. He was just framed into The planet of the 1930s. by Giant Purple hand - the one of Clancy's elite soldier called "Handscrew".

Hat Kid - a Cute young girl in a hat... During mid events of 1996 video game "Planet Nightmare", Kid lands on some regions of Fennesiki Wasteland. She is silement that he tries to return home and save her homeworld from nightmarious creatures. Trio decided to finds somthing for her a fuel... in a shape of a hourglass. Crack was only about to build a spaceship. Also She has the most interest of our Trio. With Crack, is only too playful with him, and same With Bluey too, because She wants only them to offer the playtime. Booyah?

Right anyway, Hando didn't had his relations with her, So anyway he decided stay here where Trio is doing. Also kiddo appears in the ending for thanking the Trio and really hugs Crack (because he's a ture hero).

Captain von Philip - The orange fat-moustached man, who speaks with his British-accent along his rest. He is the resident of the moon-like planet Jammbo. He is the leader of Resistance movement among his members like with Fritz, Luma and Forfett who were kiddnaped by the chicken stormtroopers storming and occupying his home planet. However, Crack decided to help him to clean the mess to roast them into the alien chicken dinner.

Dazus - a Hybrid between humand and the owl - Is the youngest one (Without shoes) of the owls who were mechanized to have helicopter instead of owl capes. He claims to be real and heroic. Unfortunately he has to became one of chairman clancy's soldiers to capture Crack and conquer the galaxy. He wants to get his owl cape back and recover his look back according to his mirror... Only he is the Clancy's failure, Crack sometimes mostly befriends him and they find the way to turn him back to normal... by the saving the world from the doom?

But now he's currently a pet.

Owls - Are nordic owl-like people (Also anthropomorphic owls too) with red nose in triangial shape, they are friendly beings, originally were ancient peoples of Mu and current inhabitants of undefined city capital known as Advent in the skies on the unknown planet... often they're in defense with Luigi-like soldiers and engineers. good that the giant plane would never collide with that. They're sometimes being invaded by the most of Sky pirates and other creatures (even with Chicken Stormtroopers) but they had the bad luck, they're mechanized by Clancy and his army to serve as his soldiers. They are also seen in ending while they thank Crack for saving the species and leaving Dazus as Crack's "Pet".


Chairman Black Clancy - a is Evil chariman and dictator who wants to conquer the Milky Way galaxy with his one-eyed purple minions about wearing a black helmet and long ant ears. He represents the inspiration of Dr. Robotnik (SatAM).

Evil Ribbon - a evil white-haired fairy is a evil counter part of Ribbon, and a henchmen of Clancy, she does what Clancy says, She always is being like a nincompoop or a failure.

Psy-Crack - is a Little hunchbacked psychotic counterpart of Crack that looks a imp, and his arch-nemesis, who carries his deadly gadgets that uses to kill Crack. He is most interesed for eating owl eggs from owl nest in Advent, Even he is described as the "Pet" and diligently follows all orders given to Chairman Clancy. He dosen't speak any languages, besides he grunts and gibberish.

William Grant - a White Magician who drives a cube-shaped aircraft capturing Crack's niece and later summoning the strongest and dangerous creatures around. He was the Only the magician in the classic series to became Prince William the Great II in The Legacy of Crack chronology. (Since he created his own civilization). Only he claims to be the ture hero or Prince de-facto ruler wannabe.

While Crack first contacts William's royal disguise, he didn't kiss him as his frog form to transform back to normal.

Muscular Jackrabbit - Let us think, if he's a bodybuilder green-fur hare, that has the giant blue gun and big feet. Also don't forget to pinch his back! once was a rabbit who was possesed by Black Invaders and he looks like now.

Blue WormMan - a blue, furry, Yellow-eyed, limbless worm with legs and arms. It sounds like he has the similar design to eponymous worm in Team17 video game - "Worms" This creature has ability to throw fists a you just like a limbless one.

MadManChester - Named after Manchester in UK. He is the mad man who is called himself MadManChester or simply Dr. Chester. Chester is a mad scientist at the MadChester City. Always likes to throw the potions at you and make you hurt like possible!

Ludvig von Ren - He's a 12-year-old genius on the giant mech. He's about to kill with his various weapons whatever he would. Don't make him cry, if his giant brain, explodes... ESCAPE!!!

Grizzly Beaver - a dangerous giant wild agressive beaver with glasses that he can talk, and scream while his saliva are squirt into your face. If you remember the old-as-heck Cartoon about the cattle and the poultry. Just I do too! because these strange creatures you can even ecounter in azure island! But remember, This creature may bite your underpants or else... You gonna die! Their roar just reminds me of sort of men's scream of course. Even more of Spikians in this Island are afraid of this creature. Also appears in Shang Tu City and somewhere... in Planet Avalice.

Way before the cartoon, Grizzly was origially managed to terror the people both in avalice and Azure island. Grizzly was created by the unknown scientist of unknown planet.

Admiral Waxwell - is the one who is the lost fourty-third member of Maxwell's family and the one who is so terribly very pure evil and the most dangerous scribblenaut who ever is. Whoose his plan to conquer the galaxy with his Robo-Pirate army and his warship navy, same as Chairman Clancy. He has metal sharp beard, Dark-red chicken comb sewned up, and his real reason to leave the family is UNKNOWN! Just do not throw the giant plane at him, good? yes....

Chicken Stormtroopers - (More commonly known as UFO Chickens, or even Chicken Brains of the Universe.) They are chicken-like aliens which they are actually normal chickens but green and more intelligent, they're originated from planet Kuran (a Home planet of the moles whose they live for centuries) and their goal to abduct all of chickens to make the soldiers, They're most known to conquer planets and make colonies at Terra Chronos, Planet Avalice, Jammbo and more occupied territories being used for searching the sources... However at the end of Chicken colonialism, Crack decided to tell them to abduct a another chicken which spreads the invasion on earth. So, why does the egg stink?

So they're building the ultimate weapon at the secret construction site on Planet Avalice, the powerful weapon called "Egg stink - a Parody of Death Star" with a egg-shaped giant moon-sized orange space station that shoots space noodles, and in Planet Terra Chronos, The Generator that used to defend the Egg heavly, It are very great gifts for the tyrant called Chickenator (Which he is called as Cornel as his real name).

Their speech is a chicken alien-like voice performed by the female voice actor, like sometimes anything starts with "Me-Me-Me" with example of "Me-Me-Me, I am not a duck!"... In Polish they say "Mi-Mi-Mi", Somewhat in the Japanese version, they say "Wa-Wa-Wa".

Robo-Pirates - These are robots from the distant space created and lead by Admiral Waxwell, with model number. They're making some colonies (The mostly, Primp Town), in blue Planet "Some Other World". producing and doing the Intergalactic zoo. Not only pirates they are, they are also do machines, vehicles and others. Their model is Henchman 500, a medium-sized types which they share all share a like appearance, their abilities and resilience varies by their colouration. There are not only the Henchmen: They are also the barrels, robotic animals, and the Spyglass who serves the Waxwell's clumsy cowardly assistant.

Mechanized Owls - They are mechanized ows replacing their owl capes with two helicopter propellers (actually of Clank using his arms to create propellers). They're used to Guard Clancy's HQ and serve him as his troops.

Robot Bunnies - Based on Russian Cartoon actually, They're the robot bunnies, robot rejects and rogue robots. Because they're a dangerous robots and may can be ecountered in the junkyard, They shoot laser!

William's Tank - Prior to "The Legacy of Crack: Legend" from 2006, it is the military white-golden tank deployed by William. It is the less-powered, fast-running tank has the ablity to shot the plasma cannonballs.

Bean-Bean Wrecker - is a Massive, ancient, steampunk, royal leviathan with a giant wrecking ball. It acts he has the six legs and launches the rockets at you, besides he launches the drills as the missle projectiles. so watch out: Beans are evil!

Captain Metal Ribbonbeard - is a Cyborg fiary pirate captain from planet Ripple assisted with Waxwell, He will usually uses the giant mech with long ears and big feet that has ability to shoot the plasma. He on his mech can kill, crush, torture and pull and his legs are programmed to squash fleeing victims. In sort, it does everything, except the dishes. This fiary guy has the giant hook and a pirate hat with some gadgets and gizmos. So watch out: He's not short, even thus fat and big and so the father of Evil Ribbon.

Cartoon Trio - A 30s counterpart of our heroes, Crack Bluey and Doroia, as they acting as the fake mirror! only had to do is defeat him with spikes and some hazards. So remember: Don't shoot! They'll shot you too!

Handscrew - is a Giant Purple hand known as one of Clancy's elite soldiers. This giant hand has his giant pencil to draw some enemies from the 1930s.

Doggy Clown - Another one of Chairman Clancy's minions. He is a attraction in the amusement park "Happy Black" It sure it's a tallest guy, but his has ablility to inflate his head, dropping the water bombs, trying the squash, or everything else.

Knights of the Paperlot - Are paper-thin knights in the Paperwork Kingdom. One is a chubby one will squash you like a breakfast panake. The Second is the origami horse rider will charge at you, just watch out where you do run or dash. And last is with the big head, Is a smart genius with WWII Weaponry... Just Run away.

Guest Stars and Cameos:

Sonic The Hedgehog - I think... his early 90s cartoonish design. It's a spike-haired supersonic blur from planet Mobius! He appears since the 1994 SEGA CD, 1995 PC port and 2010 Nintendo DS port of Crack in extra bonus minigame: "Who is the fastest animal in the world?"... Come on, step it up! Crack's only hope to pass him in the race... just come on he's waaaaaiiiiiting for you, it's a special challenge isn't it, little pals? gotta go fast and Sonic's the name, speeds his game! also appears in the ending, Sonic arrives to planet Neurosis for the racing challenge because Crack is considered as fastest ultimate golden marsupial... Hedgehogs are not compared with this marsupial. Even his flying fox friend named Tails appears here...

Unfortunately He appears only in the SEGA CD and PC Version of this game, because instead in the SNES version and PS1 version, he was replaced by "Pac-Man".

Note: Notice that he makes lots of cameos in various levels

Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Later as Eggman) - Also he appears along with his badnik minions Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts in the minigame "Who is the Fastest animal in the world" making the traps and obstacles to make the race harder! even the boss at end of the minigame he's using wrecking ball in his flying machine.

Unfortunately Robotnik and his robots in the SNES and PlaysStation version of this game were replaced by the colorful Ghosts.

Otus - Clumsy and silent boy... He's only a cameo character who appears in the group of the owls, he made the debiut earlier before 2016.

Arle Nadja - a Female character from Japanese puzzle game, (and more Popular In Japan) She's only a cameo appearing with her yellow bunny guy named Carbuncle during the cutscene of Crack showing up watching the view at the Robo-Pirate colony on her homeworld. The Pirates are actually looking for her about months, as they want to sell her and friends to the intergalactic park.

Rex (Reksio) - Is a Polish cartoon character who was created during the polish communist peroid in the late '60s. You can find a golden statue of him in various poses... just keep looking, may to be a secret easter egg... It's everywhere in each level. He also appears at the ending of the game. He never talks, He does some gibberish dog noises while talking and some mimes from the his original cartoon. While in Ending,

according to Crack that after his death to his author, Alexander animation studios decided to create the new series outside Poland to make more like American, wacky and compared to the original. Claiming that, Crack knows the original was silent and charming compared to the 1920s.

Author of the character be found in the "Special Thanks" credits section.

Note: In the Japanese Version, Rex was replaced by "Melonpanna". who also she appears in ending replacing him.

Daffy Duck - Cross-dresser through the entire game appearing as the enemy and the friendly NPC. He also appears in the ending. Author of the character be found in the "Special Thanks" credits section.

NOTE: He appears in the multiple versions including the American, European and Japanese.

The Trio as they must defeat the nefarious Chairman Black Clancy and recapture the world's haromony. Clancy who wants to take over the entire planet known as Neurosis.

Crack and other Indicia are trademarks of Alexander Animation Studios (C) 1979 Alexander Chanowski.

1994, 1995 (C) McGold Productions Software GmbH all rights reversed.

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Well, I decided to change the style into 3D, like in the most famous SNES Games in 90s,

Anyway, I can't draw anything with my tablet. It terribly goes with my computer mouse. (Curse you, Santa Claus!). Do anyone has Blender, Maya, Zbrush or something to make the Model and convert it into the pre-rendered sprites like in the SNES DKC Trilogy?

Acording to the Original creator during the development of Crack in early 1994, the idea for the 3D models in the game as the sprites was something interesing... and even hard to make, however he started his 3D modeling in 1996 (Earlier in late 1989) including that Crack 3D would compare to Mario 64, which originally were first low-poly (In Games) and later High poly (Since 1997 to Present)...

It could be a strange thing to get a advanced 3D Artist to create a 3D Model of our Character into 3D and really I remember these old RareWare renders...

And one last thing: Crack has his own SNES Soundfont, so you must create the custom soundfont, simply go find a program to create a soundfont! (It could be tested on real hardware).

About the Future game:

So later, According to the modern art style of Crack franchise (Since 2011), it is based on "Puyo Puyo Fever" and "Rayman Origins" would include the 2D-bone animations (animated in Spine) instead of pixel sprites would be used on "Crack Monsters" on Unity. The same style as the original Crack game which is being now played on 4 players with characters. Like now the future game would include the characters that also used to throw or shoot which you can also lock on to shoot on the various target on every direction. Also characters have the movement abilities too: Attacking, wall-jumping, swimming, gliding and slamming (if you press down button without moving). Remember do not make the reskin of this, It is just the inspiration! The next even would the in 3D Game with 2D-camera interface with the same gameplay... With the realstic CG Style...

Check out it: It will the the Marvel-inspired Crossover game!

Different Changes for Music

Different Changes for Music


So I'm going anyway with that... That's boring that if the people have saw my job post.

Working on Crack for Gameboy

Working on Crack for Gameboy


The Game Boy title is titled as "Crack: The Prelude" which was originally developed by McGold Productions Software and Blizzard Entertainment who is behind...

Cracking on Hiatus: ROBOTNIK TOOK OVER!

Cracking on Hiatus: ROBOTNIK TOOK OVER!


Please Read this, I cannot read this summary anymore.

Remaking of Crack (1994) - Long Game

Remaking of Crack (1994) - Long Game


This must like a epic animated movie, for example: Disney!

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Crack: The Original: Preview Version II

Crack: The Original: Preview Version II


This is the last thing to do, I'm going to finish more funny, big-butt, from our favorite Sonic cartoon Robotnik! NOTE: Please disable your anti-virus...

Crack Classic: Pre-alpha preview version

Crack Classic: Pre-alpha preview version


We're working on the recent project, the SNES, SEGA CD and Playstation Era-inspired project.

ThomasARSman45 Creator

Oh yeah of course, Crack is suresly a King of England.

But Shen is a Emperor of China... Possible?

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ThomasARSman45 Creator

No one would stop that golden marsupial!

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ThomasARSman45 Creator

Animations are updated! please stand by... please.

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ThomasARSman45 Creator

More things I'll do this alone. Please stand by!

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