It's the original game from 1994 for SNES and SEGA CD, later in 1995 on PC And Playstation. the game was originally developed by McGold Software Inc. (1990-1995) and later into McGold Productions Software Inc. (1995-Present).

Now the game is in the development which it is being the enchanted version of the game on the Clickteam Fusion! and it gets inspired by Windows 95 and 98 Games.


Eric Crack Olaff "Boo" McGold. - The franchise's titular German scientist with a South-Korean Accent (In the German Version speaks with his Austrian accent), He really likes eating Cheeseburgers more than blue hedgehog's Chili-Dogs. Offen somehow a idiot or maniac, but he's somehow being called himslef "Tomb Raider". Crack is charactizered like the Comic character "The Mask", he is so punny, plucky and goofy. as Now today he is named as Crack (Formelly Yotto since 1979). Cracks his bones because he is currently named after himself, Crack. While he gets a trouble, he must get a double ones to protect himself that he hold Anti-Bully electric vaccine. Also he's a veteran golfer who won even more much tropies as why he wins.

Bluey - a Tiny cute blue blob, he crashed down in a ship who later became Crack's Sidekick. he crashed down a planet while he was a baby and Crack named him "Bluey" instead of Doroia was saying "Bowling Ball". Years later, Bluey now talks with a cute child-like voice, he teld he wants back to his planet, but a good thing he joined Crack to live forever in his Planet, Crack teached him how to life in this planet, about nature and animals.

Doroia - a Comic-relief Green Bat, He is Crack's parrot-inspired bat who speaks very squeaky. He finds first a crashed spaceship before Crack came to see, Doroia just wanted to name him "a Bowling ball" instead of this, Crack named him "Bluey", because he is bluey and has his stars on his cheeks. He does something anger and trying to teach bluey an unpleasant lesson about the planet's nature, fails again and Crack teaches him instead himself.

Zhu Zin Quang (Chinita) - a Very sweetest Italian-nicknamed chinese little girl who she likes eating noodles, she can't talk instead she giggles, laughing, and growling sounds. She lives with his uncle (Crack) since always, when she wakes up... she does a Tai-Chi exercise, because she's look like chinese I know? She is very afraid of anything like Spiders, snakes and some monsters, as the thing Zin was afraid of Crack and ran away (because she does not know his uncle). Which later, he knows herself that She's Crack's niece. She has the very long black hair wearing the odango style.

Keith Kellog McGold - The father to Eric Crack, He's a scientist like Crack, a big-brained, short-sized with glasses, he can tell Crack everything what will, and was.

Robin John Saucesquach - is a Austrialian-speaking one which muscles who has the advice to guide the heroes the moves, tell the tips and the mysteries about Evil Chairman Clancy and mysterious towns.

Hando Jun San - Seen in before the sequel. He is a samurai who lives in JapanTown. He always to be a bit Sushi glutton. He was a dark-blue Ninja during the cutscenes of this game as he always fallowing the Trio's back and spying everywhere making no mess, or doing the trio's enemy sobotage. He was shown first time to Trio and both started screaming around, while Crack recognizes is he real or unknown. Crack was just about to befriend him but he failed and Hando himself escaped. In the ending, Hando revals his face and apoligizes to Crack, then later the Trio fallows him.

Alfred Jaques - Is a french-accented gallic rooster from planet Avalice. He comes from the Pouletroti Republic. The most afraid of Wolves. Crack is about to show the crush on Shen for their roosters' themself revenge.

Bigs Bunny - If you remember this old cartoon. He is just same with blue fur skin. He's a tall-sized rabbit who is the culture of Planet Globox. He was just framed into The planet of the 1930s. by Giant Purple hand - the one of Clancy's elite soldier called "Handscrew".

Kid (or later Hat Kid) - a Cute Young girl in a hat. During mid events of Planet Nightmare, Kid lands on some regions of Fennesiki Wasteland. She is silement that he tries to return home and save her homeworld from nightmarious creatures. Trio decided to finds somthing for her a fuel... in a shape of a hourglass. Crack was only about to build a spaceship and as before she fled away, Crack Said:

"Oh, wait I've got a Idea for your sequel! The story: when Robotic nomads known as these Robot Pirates, lead by Admiral Sharpbeard. as They would take over her home planet? of course they would do! because it's a alternative future! But the way... Who would save us... The little lady with moustache? That's not a good Idea to write the script for this sequel. Thank you for my memories and... You're gone? That's it! I'm gonna save our world for freedom! NOT TIME TO LOSE!"

as Crack mentioning about the possible sequel.


Chairman Black Clancy - a is Evil chariman and dictator who wants to conquer the planet Neurosis with his one-eyed purple minions about wearing a black helmet and long ant ears. He represents the inspiration of Dr. Robotnik (SatAM).

Evil Ribbon - a evil white-haired fairy is a evil counter part of Ribbon, and a henchmen of Clancy, she does what Clancy says, She always is being like a nincompoop or a failure.

William - a White Magician who drives a cube-shaped aircraft capturing Crack's niece and later summoning the strongest and dangerous creatures around. He was the Only the magician in the classic series to became Prince William the Great II in The Legacy of Crack chronology. (Since he created his own civilization).

Prince P. Y. - Prior to the Mario character. It is the green manlike creature flying with the jetboard. If you want to pass him, first you must only avoid his fire roses until Crack's golden skin will burn like sun!

Muscular Jackrabbit - Let us think, if he's a bodybuilder green-fur hare, that has the giant blue gun and big feet. Also don't forget to pinch his back! once was a rabbit who was possesed by Black Invaders and he looks like now.

Super Mountain Goatman - He is simply a goat named "Andris" but he is a super hero flying around dropping bombs, and using the eye laser. don't listen the "Baa" or else your eyes will be vaporized!

Blue WormMan - a blue, furry, Yellow-eyed, limbless worm with legs and arms. It sounds like he has the simillar design to eponymous worm in Team17 video game - "Worms" This creature has ability to throw fists a you just like a limbless one.

MadManChester - Named after Manchester in UK. He is the mad man who is called himself MadManChester or simply Dr. Chester. Chester is a mad scientist at the MadChester City. Always likes to throw the potions at you and make you hurt like possible!

Ludvig von Ren - He's a 12-year-old genius on the giant mech. He's about to kill with his various weapons whatever he would. Don't make him cry, if his giant brain, explodes... ESCAPE!!!

Shen Lei Fan - Comes from the Shang Fu City in the planet Terra Avalice. He's a brown 16-year-old Wolf. Just watch out for his fire if you won't to die by them. As from the 2001 "Crack: Space Odyseey", Captain Kaboom claimed he was making him to hug, when after all he's unknown fate is dead?

Kaiser L. Spikes - Many mankind has revised their intelligence, The Spikeians are simillar to men with the different appearance. This creature wants to blow up our trios! you must stop them until he melts your skin!

The Ork Squad (Leader: Gorlytz) - They are green powerful creatures from planet Orkia. They are similar to these 40,000 Warhammer counterparts. They will crush you, rip your bonez and even you are sure to squash these troublemakers? They're now Invading The Shang Fu City or Terra Chronos against our trio. To whom will Shang Fu City and Terra Chronos belong to? make your choice!

when you work together after the Shang Fu City now belongs to the Orks, then after are you defeated Kaiser already, the all of Terra Chronos now also belongs to orks too if you agree for a last time...

Wilitopian Tank - Prior to "The Legacy of Crack: Legend" from 2006, it is the military white-golden tank deployed by Prince William the Great II. It is the less-powered, fast-running tank has the ablity to shot the plasma cannonballs. It was the first contact with the nefarious guy of the same species like Crack: Prince William The Great II.

Chicky Robo-Chicken - a poultry with a mech, it can shoot the missles and throw bombs at you! so remember, don't mess with this poultry or else you die!

Bean-Bean Wrecker - is a Massive, ancient, steampunk, royal leviathan with a giant wrecking ball. It acts he has the six legs and launches the rockets at you, besides he launches the drills as the missle projectiles. so watch out: Beans are evil!

Captain Metal Ribbonbeard - is a Cyborg fiary pirate captain from planet Ripple, He will usually uses the giant mech with long ears and big feet that has ability to shoot the plasma. He on his mech can kill, crush, torture and his ears are programmed to squash fleeing victims. This fiary guy has the giant hook and a pirate hat with some gadgets and gizmos. So watch out: He's not short, even thus fat and big and so the father of Evil Ribbon.

Dizzy Willy - Is a 30s cartoon wildcat riding on his unicycle, besides of that: I like cartoons too. Only had to to is keep shooting at him until he'll cut from the movie scene!

Cartoon Trio - A 30s counterpart of our heroes, Crack Bluey and Doroia, as they acting as the fake mirror! only had to do is defeat him with spikes and some hazards. So remember: Don't shoot! They'll shot you too!

Handscrew - is a Giant Purple hand known as one of Clancy's elite soldiers. This giant hand has his giant pencil to draw some enemies from the 1930s.

CLARK - Possessed by a group of Clancy's black invaders on planet Ripple, She is a infested fiary queen who was along with RibbonBeard.

Doggy Clown - Another one of Chairman Clancy's minions. He is a attraction in the amusement park "Happy Black" It sure it's a tallest guy, but his has ablility to inflate his head, dropping the water bombs, trying the squash, or everything else.

Knights of the Paperlot - Are paper-thin knights in the Paperwork Kingdom. One is a chubby one will squash you like a breakfast panake. The Second is the origami horse rider will charge at you, just watch out where you do run or dash. And last is with the big head, Is a smart genius with WWII Weaponry... Just Run away.

The Trio as they must defeat the nefarious Chairman Black Clancy and recapture the world's haromony. Clancy who wants to take over the entire planet known as Neurosis.

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ThomasARSman45 Creator

Oh yeah of course, Crack is suresly a King of England.

But Shen is a Emperor of China... Possible?

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ThomasARSman45 Creator

No one would stop that golden marsupial!

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ThomasARSman45 Creator

Animations are updated! please stand by... please.

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ThomasARSman45 Creator

More things I'll do this alone. Please stand by!

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