Use the space ship setup of YOUR choice to battle against your friends and gravity through dangerous territories in this retro arcade style space shooter. Download the Alpha and join the battle!

Alpha 1.0 Includes:

  • Six Ship Types: Before the battle choose from the Recruit, Fighter, Squid, Beast, Snipes, and Jalopy ships, each which have their own unique feel and play style. Which ship are you?
  • Three Special Abilities: Before the battle choose from different special charge shot abilities each which have different effects on the enemy and sometimes environment.
  • Multiplayer Modes:
    • VS Battle: Two, three, or four friends battle locally with, a ship setup of their choice, to control territories and resources. The last surviving Cosmotron ship wins.
    • Team Battle: Battle in teams with shared lives and fuel. Win by exterminating your opponents or claim a territory by raising two of your flags by hovering in the capture field.
  • Single Player Mode: Shoot targets and collect beacons as fast as you can throughout the different terrains. Select your map. Timer is present for speed runs.
  • Soundtrack: Destroy your friends while listening to a soundtrack that goes seamlessly with Cosmotrons. Soundtrack by Skully D'Alquen.
  • Bonus Round: Race against your friends to the finish as fast as you can!
  • Control: Gamepads are highly recommended. Adjusting control inputs is not yet implemented and control has been designed currently mainly for Xbox 360/One and Ps4 controllers. A combination of gamepads and keyboards can be used. Choose your control method on the player select screen.
  • Terrains: Battle over and through eight different deadly terrains.

Plans for Further Development

  • Strongly considering online multiplayer
  • Planetary type gravity terrains
  • Additional other terrains including additional dynamic ones
  • Additional multiplayer modes
  • And of course other stuff we are not ready to reveal yet!

Cosmotrons Story:

The drastic demand for resources has resulted in chaos and destruction on Earth as population has increased. The four remaining enemy mega-nations (Blueica, Redland, Yellowton, Whitevia) have embarked on resource exploration missions throughout the galaxy. These hostile mega-nations are recruiting Cosmotron pilots to fiercely battle for the colonization of alien terrain. The controls of a spaceship of your choice is at your hands. Which meganation will you fly for?

Cosmotrons Full Description:

Cosmotrons is a multiplayer and single player retro arcade style space shooter where one to four players yell and celebrate as they skillfully pilot a fragile spaceship of their choice in battle against gravity and friends throughout dangerous terrains in the quest for galaxy domination.

Cosmotron pilots have multiple ship types to choose from like the Recruit, Fighter, Beast, Snipes, Jalopy, and Squid, each which have their own unique attributes and unique feel. Pilots also get special charge abilities to choose from thus getting to create a combination that suits their play style.

In multiplayer mode, two, three, or four Cosmotron pilots battle in teams or solo in intense aerial dogfights. In single player mode space pilots can explore territories, practice flight and shooting skills, and participate in timed speed runs.

There are 20+ dangerous territories for you to explore and battle in including lunar surfaces, underground alien structures, active volcanic hot spots, caverns with falling stalactites, black holes, and more. Gravity is just as dangerous as your enemies as it always tries to pull you towards impending doom, on some terrains not always in the same direction. Skillful piloting is necessary to survive.

Piloting of your spaceship requires fuel. Either defeat all your enemies in a territory before your fuel depletes or choose to find and collect fuel resources throughout the territories during battle. But be careful, collecting fuel resources is dangerous and often leaves you vulnerable!

In Cosmotrons, the piloting of your spaceship itself is fun and very rewarding. Control is tight, allowing for trick aerial maneuvers and pixel perfect ship placement in dangerous areas. Planning ahead of where you want your spaceship to go is necessary as you account for gravity and inertia.

Cosmotrons is currently in development by Arcadeaholics LLC which consists of Shane (Lead Design) and Dave (Lead Programmer). We have the goal of getting Cosmotrons released on Steam later in 2017 and after that have goals of release on PS4 and Xbox One. We are considering other options as well such as arcade.

Contact us:

Connect with and follow us on Facebook:

Have fun!

Copyright 2017 Arcadeaholics LLC

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Cosmotrons Alpha 1.0

Cosmotrons Alpha 1.0


Use the space ship setup of YOUR choice to battle against your friends and gravity through dangerous territories in the Alpha 1.0 release for this retro...

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