Book of Demons is an upcoming, deck-building hack and slash adventure, where it's the player who decides the length of quests. The game is the first installment of Return 2 Games - a series of original mid-core titles, inspired by the early golden days of PC gaming.

It's you who decide the length of quests!

Have only 5 minutes for a game? No problem! Book of Demons allows you to set the length of each quest, thanks to our Flexiscope™ system. It learns your way of playing and always gives you the best experience, making Book of Demons the first truly accessible hack & slash!

Build your own deck of devastating skills!

Collect powerful skill cards, combine them depending on the enemies you're facing and assemble your favorite set of devastating powers! But be warned: efficiency of each card will greatly depend on the situation you're in, so be prepared to make constant adjustments!

Relive the classic with a good laugh!

Book of Demons is a universal tale of good and evil about saving the world from total destruction and ultimate devilry! Sounds familiar? Well, how about retelling the story in a different way, with a humorous twist of a parody?

Be a part of a one-of-a-kind adventure!

Never explore the same dungeon twice - in Book of Demons every level is a procedurally generated, randomly-populated adventure of its own! You won't get bored by the diversity of monsters either - there are over 70 kinds of creatures waiting to be slain: lurking scorpions, snake archers, mad goatmen, not-so-sexy succubi... you get the idea.

Hack & slash in the world of Paperverse!

Book of Demons is indeed a dark fantasy hack & slash, but unlike other action role-playing games, it's set in the pop-up book world of Paperverse. The paper-cut universe is one of the hallmarks of Return 2 Games - a series of mid-core games, inspired by the early golden days of PC gaming. Book of Demons is the first installment of the Return 2 Games series.

Looking for even more challenge?

Slaying the Archdemon won't be the end of the story. In Book of Demons, you can master the campaign with 3 different classes (Warrior, Rogue or Mage), revisit your favorite quests in Freeplay mode or rise to the challenge and explore the dungeons on higher difficulty levels (the last one is called Massacre, not without good reason).

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The newest update to Book of Demons game (our hack'n'slash game in Early Access stage) brings, among other stuff, the cursed sarcophagi mechanics, pack of new SFXs and a brand new Spatial Sound engine that allows you to hear from which direction the enemies are approaching.

Cursed Sarcophagi

Cursed Sarcophagus

They are a mixed bag - some contain great treasures but others are packed with deadly enemies. Take a gamble, toss the coin. Who knows, maybe it will be your lucky day. Or maybe it will be Archdemon's lucky day. Either way, it's better to clear the area before opening one, just in case.

Good luck!

Note: When playing on Daredevil on higher difficulties take extra care around Cursed Sarcophagi, they can spawn multiple bosses!

Bad luck!

Spatial sound

The game now localizes the sound sources spatially, meaning that when an arrow hits a monster near the left edge of the screen the sound will originate from the left speaker. This required a lot of under the hood changes to the audio system since at time tens of monsters get hit at the same time all over the screen, but the final effect enhances the atmosphere of the game and we think it was well worth the effort. GIF totally not related:

Stop! Hammer time!

Hammer time!

Other significant changes

Besides above, this update bundles a lot of fixes, quality of life improvements general polish and tweaks. The complete changelog is available in the game and at the end of this post.

Legendary card changes

Among many others: Legendary Icebolt and Fireball trigger chance increased from 0.1% to 10%, however it triggers only on the kill, not any damage as it used to.

Magic Robe now damages boulders, has visual effects tweaked and cooldown reduced by 20%.

Meteor now tries to predict where the target will be when meteor impacts and aims there.

Skeleton Belt legendary variant trigger chances increased tenfold.

Holy bolt completely reworked - now can target any kind of monster and damages them for 50% maximum health. However, a monster can be targeted by holy bolt only once. The legendary variant might spawn additional bolts on the hit and target any valid targets in the vicinity.

We also discovered two ancient bugs (there were more bugs obviously but those two were like Methuselahs of bugs) that survived since time immemorable. When card activated a shiny effect passed over it and it used geometry 100 times more complicated than required, it was the most complex render call we had in the game. Performance impact was probably minimal because rest of the game is well optimized but we fixed it nonetheless, obviously. The second one will impact the gameplay - frozen monsters thawed after 16 seconds instead of 8, as was intended. This is also fixed now.

Also, fountains got visually overhauled with animated paper-textured liquids, glowing eyes, and ambient light.

Old and new fountains

This change will require saved dungeons to be re-generated if there were fountains in them, but we hope that nicer fountains will be worth it :archduck:

Official Discord Channel

Discord logo

If you don't feel like posting on the steam community but would still get in touch with other players we have created an official Disord channel.

We will try to hang out in there as often as possible but due to real-time nature of it when you want to make sure we get your feedback please use the in-game widget, shoot us an email at or post in the forums.

Anyway, without a further ado, here is the invite link:

What's ahead?

A.. duck?

We are working on a better way for community translators (who are super awesome, big thanks <3) to translate the game files. The current mode is cumbersome and can get chaotic after updates when a lot of changes are introduced to string tables. Once the new system is up and running we will add currently complete community translations to the game. We estimate that will happen by April.

Then there is the good news, not-so-good news, and good news situation. The good news is that we are toying with an idea for a whole new game mode/core mechanic that would be more CCG (collectible card game) than the current mode. Assuming it works as an internal prototype we will make it publicly available for you to test. Then we will be able to determine if we should develop it further.

The not-so-good news is that in that context we re-evaluated the production and marketing schedule. We used historical performance data to create work time estimates as realistic as possible and it looks like the release we initially planned for around Q3 will get delayed. While this is not a terrible delay it should give us more breathing room not only to prototype the new experimental core mechanic but also to add more cards we planned and avoid crazy crunch that would affect the quality.

That last part is important because the other good news is that one member of the team will have a kid around the time of originally planned launch (again, something we didn't exactly plan for :D). Those of you who had kids or even been around a newborn for longer than 10 minutes know too well how it can turn your brain to mush, so we will have fewer hands on board for a few months. The upside is that in 18 years we might get one more team member!

As always,
Stay safe in dungeons! <3

The wait is finally over - Rogue class is here!

The wait is finally over - Rogue class is here!


We are happy to introduce the Rogue! Now you can use your cunning to mischief and subdue your foes with the variety of new skills, items, and artifacts!

You can now spend some Ether currency on Book of Demons!

You can now spend some Ether currency on Book of Demons!


Book of Demons, Hack'n'Slash successor, is the first game to be distributed on a brand new Ethereum based game distribution platform. Spend your Ether!

Razer Chroma and Hack'n'Slash? Book of Demons is the answer

Razer Chroma and Hack'n'Slash? Book of Demons is the answer


Always wanted to slay hellish hordes with your glorious mouse of lightning and gleaming keyboard from Razer? No worries - Book of Demons is the solution...

Book of Demons - Community Translators and Rogue

Book of Demons - Community Translators and Rogue


Latest updates of Book of Demons, Hack & Slash in Early Access, add support for Community Translations and present a new playable class - Rogue!

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Book of Demons - Demo (March 2018)

Book of Demons - Demo (March 2018)


Book of Demons: Hack & slash distilled to its purest form. Devilishly charming and funny as hell. Slay the armies of darkness in the dungeons below the...

Book of Demons - Demo (Sept 2017)

Book of Demons - Demo (Sept 2017)


Book of Demons: Hack & slash distilled to its purest form. Devilishly charming and fun as hell. Slay the armies of darkness in the dungeons below the...


Funny how some guys that decided to make a game inspired on my all-time favorite game, Diablo, ended up being one of my all-time favourite developers as well. Cheers!

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