Azusa Alpha servers are already up and playable! Download the lastest version and Play on the Portuguese or English server!

The game's main features are:

Dynamic World: Everything being Buildable and Destroyable depending on your resources and power;

Complex Civil Gameplay: You can play as a normal person and yet have a complex gameplay, being able to build, hunt, tailor, cook, be a musician, etc;

Time and History: As the game progrides, and humans dies of old age, you can play as your next generations; and everything in the game's world is affected by players action; You can fight to define the destiny of your next generations and become a historical hero!;

Custom NPCs: You can defeat a Bandit and convince him to become your worker, as a Civil NPC or a NPC that works for you, selling your items and relics!;

Player Made Towns/Citys: Azusa is so dynamic that even cities, clans, towns, can be created by players as the history progride, the opposite can happen too as cities can be completelly destroyed during a war!

Angels, Demons and Gods: Angels, Demons and even Gods are played by real players, and as the Great Wars happens you can pick what God to fight for, and that will define completelly the world for the next generations! Pick between Poseidon, Athena, Almighty, Hades and Pandora; Even while you can't see Angels and Demons they are around, and can talk inside people's head and lead them to the right or wrong path!

Guardians: The humans that decided to fight for a God, are called Guardians, they wear ancient armors based on life forms that gives them super powers, needed to fight the army of the opposing gods; There are over 60 armors (Counting the variations) and more are added monthly; Each Guardian have their own skills and powers! Pick wisely your armor and have fun!

Guardian Tiers: There are tiers and a "Hierarchy" of armors, the common ones are the Ordinary Armors; and is the most common type of Guardians, as every God can have an ordinary Guardian: However every God have a stronger hierarchy of armros: They are usually golden and are named depending on their Gods; Almighty are Elites (based on epic qualitys, such as Love, Truth, Justice and Peace); Athenians are Zodiacs (based on the 12 zodiac signs); Poseidon are Marines (Based on oceans).

Hades Reapers: They are humans that died and ended up mind-washed by Hades, forced into become a fiercy followers of him, and are given armors made by the Death Lord; they work as ordinary guardians, but their armors are based on humans flaws. Reapers can go back to earth trough Hades's portal and fight their previous friends, but now in name of Hades. Reapers also have a stronger tier; they are called Princes of Underworld.

Dungeons and Relics: There are many Dungeons in Azusa, each one protected by a Boss, those usually collect treasures called "Relics"; Relics are historical items that during previous wars ended up absorving their Guardians powers, and recently they can be used as a source of power; Each Relic have its special function and unique skill, from enchanted flowers able to drain blood to magical rings that gives the wearer invisibility! Relics can really makes the difference in combat so, good luck colecting them!

Unique Nutrition System: In Azusa everything you eat actually matters, when you train your character you will convert Nutrition into Status. Each food will give a certain amount of Nutrition to each kind of status, so eating a cooked meal is way better for your training then a raw meat. Experienced players know how to feed properly their characters before training!

Many training Methods: Tired of doing repetitive things to get stronger? In Azusa there are over 6 different training methods, and each one is good depending on your playstyle! And the methods vary depending on your situation. We have from half afk training methods, full afk training methods or, the best ones, active training methods; and there are like exercises to get your strenght and endurance up faster; charge cosmo to get force and resistance faster, and even sparring your friends to get your fighting skills up are great for developing your character at Azusa! Also not to mention the classic methods of killing creatures and leveling up... Everything depends on your playstyle!

Unique Roleplaying Gameplay: A completelly different concept to Online Gaming is here; A mix of table RPGs and online RPG results into a enforced roleplaying enviroment that you develop your character as if he is part of that world, and as you interact with other players your characters story grows and becomes relevant to a point you can change completelly the entire world's destiny! Everything in Azusa is based on players story progression, there are some different rules for this to work, I suggest you check them ingame!

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Hello folks! The funny developer with bad grammar is back o/ And as always, never losing the motivation to always try to improve the game, and someday get to our so dreamed popularity >:D
This was a really big update, sorry for taking so long... But 5.0 is finally here!
We are getting another step closer to going out of ALPHA! :OOO And that means we did some -big- changes at Azusa's gameplay and added some neat features;

Realtime + Tatics Battle System

As usual lets start explaining the update... Some time ago I noticed a huge flaw at Azusa, we always struggled to be a realtime-action rpg game, but, actually we shouldn't, it didn't fit the game style at all and made the game really boring comparing to other real rpg-action games out there;
And also Azusa never really tried to be an action game (Look at all the RP features).
So, why not to completelly re-think the battle system? Its a key feature of the game, if not the most important feature at all! I will try to show some points so you guys understand how Azusa battle system is filled with flaws;

*We had alot of skills, but, in real fight, what was the -real- use to them?
*I mean, at the end the fights are summarized by : Face your foe, Press Z, Use a ranged skill at the same time, Press Z again and walk diagonally.(Alot of BYOND game have that style actually...)
*Even having alot of skills for supports, like heal circle, barriers, triangular chains etc; they were at the end useless; since the foe could just wait them to disappear; or just walk away from it...
*Everything was a mess, not a fight.

I could continue listing here forever, but lets move on; After weeks thinking and trying other games and studying alot; I came up with the ideal fighting style for Azusa, it may sound weird but: Realtime + Tatic;
(Wait, Inu, real-time and tatic are basically the opposite, wtf ur talking about?)
Yeah, its weird, but calm down, I will explain:

Tatic-turn based is cool, but it doesn't fit Azusa either, the game requires a huge freedom to engange combats, explore, and even destroy the surrounding around you; throwing people at buildings and destroying cities is part of Azusa's soul, as it is for alot of dragonball games;

So, wellp, why not fuse both? A tatic-turn system that gives the player the same freedom -and speed- a realtime battle has? is it possible? Wellp, I tried, I liked, you can try and give the opnion, but imo that ended up being the best thing Azusa had since Poseidon + Athena;So, now we have a "turn" battle system, its pretty simple and intuitive; you attack someone, and you will engange/join a fight, Once a battle starts you will get a turn, and each turn you will gain 1 ACTION POINT and 2 MOVEMENT POINTS; you will obviously spend action to attack/use skills and movement to walk/turn/bump.

However the main goal was to make a turn system that goes fast as the realtime Azusa used to be; So basically we can still have some super fast combat at late game, where the foes keeps combo-ing in super fast speed and destroying everything around with thunderbolts and explosions andwoah! yeah that action we all love in Azusa; And yeah, its still there, it works; the turns goes on fast as you can make it, but at the same time, if you want it will give you time to do some strategy and calculate your positions/what skill to use and when!

Also, not just the realtime speed, but freedom; Tatic fighting systems usually take away alot of our freedom, so I made everything simple as possible and very similar on how the usual realtime fights worked: You can join an ongoing fight by simply attacking/being attacked by someone, or even walk around with your friends in a party-like system; its still very free and we have the organization + fun of the tatic-turn system!Enough said, lets start giving you more examples:

(I did some speed up here, and the colors in this gif are messed up, ignore it)
This is an example of a 1x1 simple fight; As you can see in that "Battle Mode" window we farm up "Movement Points" and "Action Points", and use them strategically.
And, some armors affect your AP/MP gains in combat, like you can see at some point I was gaining double AP after activating my wind skill; (I was playing with the Fox Guardian armor);

TLDR; Quick guide:
*You gain 2 MP and 1 AP per turn (without modifers).
*You spend 1 MP per tile movement.
*You spend 1 MP for turning.
*You spend 1 MP for bumping anything.
*You spend 1 AP for any action, Attacks and Skills.
*You spend 1 AP and MP for any "leaping" skills.
*You can drag the Battle Mode window.
*Flash Dash is the only skill that doesn't use AP.
*You can accumulate up to 5-6 AP and 5-8 MP
*Some armors are good in modifying MP/AP rate.
*If you want, the battle system can be as fast as if it was a realtime.
*You can have multiple players/npcs fighting at the same combat.
*You can get friends to team up against BOSS battles.
*Run away mode gives you +1 MP per turn, but you don't gain AP.
*Entering in Run away mode wastes 1 turn.
*Getting/Doing Melee damage removes your Run Away mode.
*To successfully Run away from a battle, you must literally get a big distance from the enemy.
*Every armor have its own play style, judging by how usefull the skills are against other armors, and its meant for player to develop their proper strategy to win!
*You have atleast 15 seconds to do an action, or you will lose your turn.
*Once you do an action, the timer goes back to 0.
*If you are Roleplaying, the timer will wait you to finish.
*Some armors are good to fight in teams, other armors are good fighting alone.
*There are "Ticks" at the end/start of every turns to count heal, poison, stun and burn effects! They are tick based, not time based!
*Relics matters in strategy! Choose/Use the proper Relic against the proper enemy and the victory is yours!

Wheew... I typed alot today.. Sorry.
But the update isn't just about battle right? right.

Lets go on:

Zeus Thunder!

Do you remember that Self Writting Book Pages role? ... BAD! forget about that!
SWBP was remade/redesigned into Zeus Thunder; It was originally a sword, the strongest Relic in game that could give the user knowledge and power, and when I say power I mean, you could smite your enemys by conjuring a thunder from the skies! roar!
Its very powerfull, but this relic was destroyed years ago, and made into 4000 shards. Collecting these shards and remake Zeus Thunder is the main role for Zeus followers across the eras; Good luck!
People will eventually laugh at you when you wield a shard, but... Little they know about the future!!

TLDR quick guide2:

* You cannot logout carrying a Shard.
* You cannot logout carrying the Zeus Thunder, at all actually.
* Its a relic given by Zeus to humans to protect them against Hades, so Yeah, he made sure not a single human would have all that power.
* The Temple of Heracles was Built to hold Zeus Thunder, But now its just a useless building, (jk)
* City of Heracles exists because of Zeus Thunder, and the Temple.
* Collect 15 Shards to get a group of shards.
* Collect 200 Shards to get a Big Shard.
* Collect 500 Shards to get a Piece of Thunder.
* Collect 1000 Shards to get a Big Piece of Thunder.
* Collect 2000 Shards to get a Half of Thunder.
* Collect 4000 Shards to get the mighty Zeus Thunder.

This is how a complete Zeus Thunder looks like:

Angels and Demons Review!
Before we start this one, I want to say that I still have changes to make at Angels/Demons that will be added in future updates; but so far most of their known bugs are fixed.

TLD..wait.. GUIDE:
* Demon's Transform now disguise the user AND make them visible and able to fight real creatures (and humans), but at this form they have 3 potential and can't wear armors. (ofc)
* Demons and Angels vassels can wear armors, but only Ordinary or Reaper armors.
* Demons and Angels bug at tournaments were fixed.
* Angels now have their own Angel questline, its almost the same as LifeTime quests, but adjusted to Olympo bioma...
* Demons and Angels can now go and leave their vassel anywhere.
* Fixed most vassel related bugs!

New Armors!

Fox armor, Zodiac Leo, and a bunch of Dark Armors are in, not to mention the review on our Zodiac Cnacer, classic Elite and Prince Armors;
Atreyo and other iconers that always help me in this area worked hard in this update adding alot of changes/new things!

But also, the concept of Armors are changing in this update; When you become a guardian you will receive a Olympian belt; And to activate your armor you will need your belt equipped. Basically its something physical to hold your armor...And, to keep the good looking, every golden armor are receiving its own helm/mask that will work as a simple relic...
ps: If you helped crowdfunding Fox; please email
cuz I lost track of the donators keys, email me with your key using the same email you used to send the donation <3

* Remade every Elite Guardians, They are new winged and swag;
* Remade every Prince Reapers, They are evil looking and swag;
* Added every remaining Dark Marines, Dark Cancer and the new Dark Leo;
* Added Zodiac Leo and the House of Leo at Athena's Sanctuary;
* Added Fox Armor, thanks to everyone that helped to crowdfund this o/
* Remade Zodiac Cancer armor;

Neo Clothes and Zeus!

This is actually a visual change, thanks to Atreyo again; he helped alot to work on a new design for the main God at Azusa; And lets not forget AntaresB and Alfhid for helping at the Neo Elites/Princes and Masks.

Now that we mentioned it; Masks are now a thing at Azusa, It was actually a painfull change to make for me, since it again changes alot the main plot in Azusa; where only Zeus and Hades armor had helms, and Hades one was crushed/destroyed by Yeshua. Buuuut... Since masks/helms are so cool, and visual-wise alot of players love to have a full set; I decided to add Masks as relics (not linked to armors, so the plot isn't ruined) However; there are alot of masks fitting to each Golden Armor; And wearing them are optional.
Not just that, we have a long list of new clothes, hairs and relics, thanks to everyone that helped me in this one o/

TLDLR, New Items:
*Desert Robe (relic);
*Dracklian Suit (relic);
*Golden Mask (relic);
*Silver Mask (relic);
*Health Shield (relic);
*Excalibur (relic);
*Odin's Vanguard (relic);
*Shards of Zeus Thunder (relic);
*24 new masks (relics);
*Dragon Tatoo;
*Eyes Bandages:
*Guts Scar;
*Lemurian Hair;
*New Male Ponytail Hair;
*Unisex Hair;
*Athena Aegis (relic);
*Neo Cancer (rework);
*Neo Zeus (rework);
*Neo Pirate Cloth Red/Blue (rework);
*And probably more...

Bug Fixes and Mechanic Changes

And last, but still important: We had alot of bug fixes; starting from the classic ones with pages (now shards) disappearing at reboot while worn by players, to reworks at chests and such related bugs.
Its always hard to list bugfixes, mainly cuz its hard to count and take note of every one, But we had some annoying mechanic fixes; such as how the battle-skills were learned.

The combat skills (the ones learn-able by normal humans, without olympian powers) learning method was confusing everyone, so I made a learning system through levels; And now at level 10 and 20 you can learn a combat skill depending on your highest stat. If your highest stat change by level 20, you will be able to learn another one. So a single player can have up to 2 combat skills.
Also at level 20 everyone, force based or not, can learn Blue Blast out of cosmo!

Website and Standalone Client changes.

We also had a rework at the design of our official page and client, don't foget to follow us on facebook to know everything about Azusa's development ;D

TLDR to everything-
*Azusa had alot of changes that its almost a whole new game.
*Tatic battle system with the freedom of Real Time.
*This is Inu's favourite update since Athena + Poseidon were added.

Thanks for reading, I probably forgot something...
Azusa 5.0 will be updated today (08/22/2016) in around 10 hours; So keep your eyes at the hub. And a new ENGLISH PVP and ENGLISH RP servers are starting today!

Azusa Beta v.0.2: New Race; New Armors, Class and more

Azusa Beta v.0.2: New Race; New Armors, Class and more


The second version of Azusa Beta is being released this week! For those active ingame, know that during the last month we had over 5 smaller and not described...

Azusa v3.2 New Armors, New Skills and New Relics!

Azusa v3.2 New Armors, New Skills and New Relics!


Azusa v3.2 Is Near! Well, In the previous updates I was doing big gameplay changes, but this one is focused in adding contents to the game; I think the...

Azusa Generations v2

Azusa Generations v2


Give this game a proper chance and you won't regret it! Fight against the Underworld Reapers in the Great War to protect and keep the Era of Azusa from...

Azusa RP is back and with a neat update!

Azusa RP is back and with a neat update!


As some of you know Azusa rolledback, and most part of the work taken in this update was to bring it closer to the lastest version; however there are...

RSS Files
Azusa Beta v.0.3

Azusa Beta v.0.3

Full Version

The map being completelly remade for the beta versions, getting stuffs ready to steam with changes as custom servers and more!

Azusa Beta v.0.3 Zip Files

Azusa Beta v.0.3 Zip Files

Full Version

If you are having problems installing the .exe version try the .zip files!

Azusa 5.0 Test Version

Azusa 5.0 Test Version


This is the release for testing Azusa 5.0; However this won't make any difference if you play in the outdated servers; however you need this to play at...

Azusa: Battle of Gods v. alpha.  5.0

Azusa: Battle of Gods v. alpha. 5.0

Full Version

My favorite update since "Battle of Gods" PS: 5.0 client is mandatory to play at 5.0 servers, so update to this version!

Azusa version 5.0 Zip Files

Azusa version 5.0 Zip Files

Full Version

If you are having problems with the installer, here you can download the version 5.0 zip files

Azusa Install v3

Azusa Install v3

Full Version

The installer files are back in! Finally some redo at the standalone client: Now guest accounts won't be allowed from the client; and some small changes...


looks awesome!
will check out dream maker too, is it too hard to learn the language on it?

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Inutaishos Creator

Sorry for the late reply, but dream maker is awesome, and there are alot of libraries and resources for you to read more about it; also byond's forums are great to get some questions answered etc.

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Look at this ******* game
that's a perfect rpg

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good game

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Bom Jogo inu :D

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Nice game <3 Nice nice

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Esse jogo é ótimo, Grazadeus.

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Better than saint seiya MMORPG..

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