Looking to build and battle steampunk Airships? Airmen is an airship combat game realized through a first-person-shooter style experience. Players traverse custom built ships during combat and one wrong step can leave you stranded in the dirt. Each airship is crewed by up to five players with the options of piloting, repairing, manning the guns, or jumping ship to board an enemy.

Build Your Airship

All airships begin life as an empty hangar. Use a combination of structure beams and armor plates to build a structure supporting your balloons, engines, propellers, rudders, ballasts, and guns. Every component is placed individually, but remember to leave space so a crew can traverse and repair your ship.

Crew Your Airship

Friendship is the strongest airship. Join up to four other airmen on your ship. Crew mates can pilot, repair, man a turret, or board another ship. Remember to pack a reconstruction chamber for any combat-related accidents.

Destroy Your Enemies

Cannons, gatling guns, pigeon guided missiles, rams, and harpoon assisted boarding action are all ways to establish dominance in the sky. Every component of an airship can be damaged and destroyed so target engines to leave your enemy powerless, pierce the balloon to send them plummeting to the ground, or eliminate the crew and their reconstruction chambers to claim the ship as your own.

Follow along on twitter for development updates: Twitter.com

Subscribe and join your fellow airmen at: Reddit.com

Grab the Alpha: Drive.google.com

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Grab the latest build here and join us on Discord for our next public playtests Saturday 4/29 3PM ET and Monday 5/1 at 7PM ET.

Airmen Alpha

Update Notes

In the latest update for Airmen we’ve overhauled the terrain system. Unfortunately terrain deformation had to be removed for some of the new features as well as optimization. The updated terrain now has grass that blends better with the ground, a new model for trees, and the introduction of sheer cliff faces.

New trees and blended grass

The strength of atmospheric fog has been increased and it's quality improved. Atmospheric fog is the fading of color with distance and is critical for quickly judging depth. The previous system blended poorly from horizon to skybox so the effect was kept weak. Fog now appears at a smooth gradient across the horizon and while more obvious, is less visually obtrusive.

New cliff faces in sandbox and the strengthened fog effect

These elements have been combined in a new multiplayer map. In addition to the new terrain style, the new deathmatch map is also more mountainous for a more exciting and tactical gameplay experience.

Aerial view of new deathmatch map

Alongside the all new deathwatch map, the sandbox map has revived minor updates. 4 steep inclines have been replaced by cliffs.

The updated sandbox with added cliff faces

A new part type has also been added to the inventory for players: tool boards. Boards are smaller, more compact components that can be placed on any armor surface where players could place cabinets. The smaller size comes at the price of fewer tools. Currently, only hammers and spyglasses are on boards. It often felt like a waste to have a cabinet of spyglasses because a crew simply did not need so many. This new option allows captains to still have all the tools they need on their ships, but without filling precious square-footage with lesser needed tools.

New tool boards can be easily placed on walls

Spyglasses are now black where they were grey in the past. There have also been modifications to the player animations for hammers, axes, and boarding charges. The total time of the animation has been reduced by 0.15 seconds and the hit triggers earlier in the animation. Attacks now look more forceful and melee combat will be easier.

Updated swing animations, applies to hammers, axes, and boarding charges

Excited to check out the new map? So are we! Join us for Saturday or Monday's playtest and field your airship.

Update 0.60.0: Spyglasses

Update 0.60.0: Spyglasses


Airmen gets a spyglass, new rigging, new crosshair, and faster verification. Test these changes with us Monday 4/24 at 7PM ET!

Airmen Update 0.59.0: Fluffy Clouds and Crispy Text

Airmen Update 0.59.0: Fluffy Clouds and Crispy Text


Airmen update gets soft clouds, lift-based drag, new ship audio system and more

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Airmen Alpha

Airmen Alpha

Full Version

Airmen is free in alpha, download and play now! Build your steampunk airship from an empty hangar and crew it in first-person with up to 4 friends. Man...


I tried the game, and it has a lot of potential! Here are my thoughts on the game so far!

1. The graphic style is nice, but the ships don't match the style of the world. I'd "simplify" the world too, and play a lot with colors.
2. I'd add hand-drawn textures to the blocks, in a style similar to Torchlight 2
3. If players could build the ship together, it would be great :)
4. A game like this is based on elevation and strategy. The world should have "obstacles", like rock pinnacles, clouds and so on. If I can see everyone everywhere, the only thing that the pilote has to do is to fly toward the target.

Of course I know that this game is hyper-extreme-alpha, but mechanics and optimizations-wise, seems extremely polished. Keep up the good work guys, I'd like to see a nice contender to Guns of Icarus :)

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AirborneGames Creator

Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

New terrain style and map design is actually the current development focus! Team building is cool and on the table but not scheduled, for now you can copy and share your .ship files (check the readme for location). Unfortunately the game is solo developed so an art addition like texturing is out of scope ):

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Nice to know! As for the textures, don't worry, the game is cool like this anyway :) It was a "style" suggestion but, at the end of the day, what matters most is the gameplay! And it seems like you nailed it! Do you plan to add "survival" mechanics, or the game will focus on pvp?

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AirborneGames Creator

Full release will include objective oriented PvE missions like wave defense, capture the cargo, or fort siege but still in the match instance format (not in a persistent world).

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Hmm, I am a big fan of more traditional aerial shooters, but maybe I should give this one a try? :)

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AirborneGames Creator

Combat is probably a lot slower paced than games like Warthunder (if that's what you mean) and there is an FPS aspect but we play test Mondays at 7 ET if you'd like to give it a go with a few more people.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I play this game and I have to say that so far it is amazing. The mechanics in place are functioning and work correctly, and they work together for an overall enjoyable experience even in a pre-alpha state. I see great potential in this and eagerly await to see where it goes!

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Apr 27 2017

New terrain with way more elevation. Small ships can sink into crevices for a stealthier approach. Screenshots soon.

Apr 26 2017

Join us for our public playtest tonight at 7PM ET. Download at: Indiedb.com #gamedev #indiedev T.co

Apr 24 2017

Current implementation of terrain deformation holds back the quality and performance of the game's terrain. Looking at removal.

Apr 21 2017

Airmen Playtest Highlights 4.1: Youtu.be via @YouTube

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Prefer some pictures with your patch notes? Check out last update's breakdown @IndieDB Indiedb.com

Apr 20 2017

Take a peep in the new live build. Spyglasses out now. #gamedev #indiedev Gfycat.com

Apr 19 2017

Show off your custom built airship at tonight's playtest at 7PM ET #indiedev #gamedev T.co

Apr 17 2017

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