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Jun 8 2017 Anchor

I'm trying to kill the guy with the exoskeleton in the arena.

The strange thing is when i hide and i don't see the explosion, everything is fine. But even if i just slightly see the explosion, the game just crashes.

With this bug i can't complete the fight. Please help me.

Also, there is no text in the log file.

EDIT: It seems like the crash occurs when the grenade kills (or hurts) the exoskeleton guy. I deleted the game data the reinstalled the addons but the issue is still present...

Addons used:
AO 3.1 v5
Call of Ambient music addon v2
coc ukrainian voices 4.1.1
Corpses drop 1.4.14
Increased_weapon_damage_v.1.6_for_AO3_CoC_1.4.18 (i use the 2.weapon damage - light)
Low_Crouch_and_Prone (but idk how to prone)
STCoP_Weapon_Pack_2.8_v5 with v5.1 Patch

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