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Mar 22 2018 Anchor


I work on a small shooter game but have neglected its profile on here lately. Wanting to update it I noticed that all the articles repeat screenshots rather than show a collection of unique ones.

Here is an example.

If you scroll down you will notice one screenshot repeated over and over. This was, of course, not like this when I posted these articles and they have been pristine for months afterwards... but now they all have this issue to a stronger or weaker extend.

I repaired this article and it should display unique screenshots (if you have a sec, can you confirm this?)

Here it repeats the screenshot with the illuminated pillars but displays a random one in the middle normally.

I'd really appreciate some insight in what could cause this and how I can prevent it from happening.


Apr 9 2018 Anchor

It looks like a nasty bug. The site automatically pulls and saves images embedded from external sources (websites) on the server, so it must be related to that.

Apr 11 2018 Anchor

Thanks for your reply. You think there is something I can do to get this fixed?

Apr 11 2018 Anchor

Nah, we need to wait for the web devs' reply...

INtense! End Boss
Apr 16 2018 Anchor

Can you post an example news article here. it appears our image caching system is thinking your images are duplicates and not unique. I will be able to debug once I can see the original.


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

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