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Jan 11 2018 Anchor

Hi there,

I'm on my last step of giving the USA's Paradrop ability to the Boss General in C&C's Zero Hour, but have reached an obstacle.

In World Builder > Edit > Scripts, I understand there should be a number of different folders, including 'Neutral', 'Plyrcivilian' and TeamSkirmish' (I need to access this last folder, as it apparently allows me to edit the Boss General's abilities during Skirmish games)

It is the TeamSkirmish folder I need to access in order to paste two different blocks of code I have into two sections within:

1) Scripts\Unit\CommandButton\Use command Button ability at a waypoint' and;

2) 'Scripts\Player\Science\Grant a Science to a Given Player'

However, once I access Edit > Scripts in World Builder, the only folder that appears is 'Neutral'.

So where do I find the TeamSkirmish folder in this tutorial?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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