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Dec 16 2016 Anchor

Hello - my name is Max Murray, I am one of those independant game developers some of you may of been hearing about. I've been making games for android and pc for a little over a year now with some middling results. It's only now I decided to compartmentalize my thoughts into a Youtube series explaining what I'm doing, what games I have gone and done, how good they are (if that). And if I'm successful - some yuks. Here is the first in the series

and my latest one here

So what I am asking you guys is if this series is any good? I have seen alot of youtubers in my time and if theres one thing I don't want to do is emulate the hyperbolic happy tubers who seem like they're on valium and crack.

I'm hoping if anything to get some sort feedback on my games as well document my own path developing games getting (hopefully) better and better.

anyways - I hope you do enjoy the video. And if you are interested in anything I say or the look of what I make, please let me know!

Gota pack for work now... ugh

Dec 19 2016 Anchor

Well, how very curious, an interesting perspective. Just a tiny note, that essential marketing/PR/promotion skill is a skill just like any other, the more you practice the faster and better you become at it. "It will advertise itself hopefully" is not a bad assumption, the really bad one is "development and marketing are completely separate from each other". On one hand, marketing destroys a portion of your creativity during development, on the other hand, it guides you (right during the game development not postdev) to make sounder design decisions and improve the game quality as you go rather than when it looks like it is already too late. Only extremely good or fun games promote themselves...

Jan 11 2017 Anchor

Thankyou for the reply - its been a while and I blacked out around xmas time for some reason....

Mr feillyne you have some extremely good points - and they are on point to the T. I have in fact been developing my newest game with what you have said in mind. The development and creative stages of the game are going hand in hand with what I am able to do advertising myself (in fact here) and on twitter and youtube. In fact I'm pretty sure I'm going to plug myself after I finish this reply with a link to my new video. Which is more of a tutorial than anything, but anyway! Decisions being made on the game are done in tandem with feedback through my advertising (simple as it is) which should hopefully turn out a better product for the end user... potentially anyway.

Oh also heres the new video I worked on...

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