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Oct 14 2013 Anchor

Game Name: Exile Online
Genre: Sci-fi Cyberpunk MMO
Estimated Launch: TBA
IndieDB entry -
Engine: Hero Engine
Platform: Windows PC

Exile Online is an in-development sandbox cyberpunk MMO set in the far future as mankind struggles to survive political and social strife in a never ending world of plot and subterfuge. Our game will take leads and inspiration from many corners of the scifi/cyberpunk genre including: Bladerunner, Akira, Judge Dredd, Deus Ex, Total Recall and several other sources.
Imagine a world where intrigue and multiple storyline twists can happen at any moment.

We will be straying far from the "go here kill 10 rabbits" mission archetype that seems to be so prevalent in other MMOs of today. Our world will be a place where the actions of one individual can have global consequences and ramifications. Players can choose between 11 unique factions, capture and control outposts, purchase and furnish their very own penthouse apartments or join up with a group of their closest buddies to go kill some musclebound meatheads.

Main Features


Exile online will feature in-depth guild mechanics. We believe guilds and clans are the heart of a game, so having diverse and interesting systems in place to encourage cooperative group play

Player Controlled towns/bases/outposts:

There will be powerful systems in place for guilds and players to create, take and hold territory. If a player is given a plot of land to defend, you can be sure they will fight tooth and nail to keep it.

Dynamic Avatar Creation:

Fashion and design. One of our primary thoughts while developing Exile Online was to ensure that we do the sci-fi cyberpunk genre justice when it comes to what characters and players look like. There will be a massive and varied set of styles and clothing lines within the game world.

From sleek up market business suits to tailor made gowns for the upper tier of city aristocracy. From hyper advanced battle suits comprised of nano-tech particles to the lowest forms of crude plate armour strapped to your back with chains. All tastes are catered for in Heliopolis Prime. Want that weird ass dragon claw tattoo that your mother said you couldn’t have? Or perhaps you love to dress up in a pink metal Tutu...well you got it.

Fully Player driven economy:

All of the best items ingame will be crafted by players. In one form or another, mostly everything you have on your character will have been crafted by you or another player at some point.

Player Housing:

Each player will start the game with a basic apartment located in a zone suitable for their starting chosen faction. If a player chooses to do so, and can afford it, they may purchase new unfurnished apartments from a Gigacore Real Estate office.

Special apartments may also be rewards for completing missions or events successfully. There will be dozens of different apartment layouts to choose from, ranging from small 2 room studio's up to the largest of the large bachelor pads. Players can furnish these apartments to suit their own style and tastes. There will be a massive and wide variety of decoration and furnishings to choose from. Go on, put up that gyrating pole dancing platform that you always wanted, we won't judge you.

About Us

Exile Gaming Studio is an independently owned company run and operated by founder Dan Anderson We are currently developing on the HeroEngine platform using the HeroCloud and officially started work on the project 1st July 2012. The team has recently been expanding dramatically. We now have a solid team that is committed to creating great content and features for the game.

We believe in listening to our players. We have played games where the developers pretty much shun the community and turn a blind eye to every problem that their product has. We will listen, we will discuss and we will take a proactive approach to creating systems that people want to see in our game. Be sure to sign up to our site for a chance to take part in the Alpha and Beta testing stages. Also give our Facebook entry a like and share it with your friends.
Enjoy some concept pieces.

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Oct 24 2013 Anchor


Feb 13 2014 Anchor

You can now register on the site at -

All registrations will automatically be added to the testing opt in for a chance to be included in future test phases.

Feb 13 2014 Anchor When you mentioned Judge Dredd I threw money at my screen.

Feb 18 2014 Anchor

The game features section is now live on our new site here -

Further articles are being added in the coming days so stay tuned. Be sure to register on the site and take part in the discussions on our forum.

Feb 18 2014 Anchor

Sick city concept. Bit hard to read, but I guess there simply is no floor ^^

I don't really see a use for the spaceships yet, but maybe you'll just use them as eye candy overhead or as some mission triggers.

I love these kind of short and nice presentations and wish there were more articles like that on Moddb. Good luck with the game!

Apr 4 2014 Anchor

We have been hard at work behind the scenes, making some great looking art assets. Check them out here. These represent the final or near final vision of what our games art style and quality will look like. We have a lot of stuff being made now, our new nightclub zone is nearing completion and we cant wait to show it to you guys.

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Apr 7 2014 Anchor

That link is broken mate! =)


"Level design is for those who love to build stuff with broken tools."


Apr 7 2014 Anchor

Hah strange...

So we have been working on some great looking interiors. We have finished geo modelling of one of the smaller subway station stops. This is totally untextured at the moment. We will be making several videos of upcoming areas when they are in a completed state.

Check them out here -

Patch notes 12:

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