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Jan 11 2017 Anchor

Hey guys,
As the title says, i am looking for a couple 3d modelers and some texture artist and another programmer to join me and my team in the game we are creating.

At the moment we are so far getting good production done. in the past 3 days, we got a pretty good progress in both the programming side and the modeling side.

we got the first model of a sword swinging and working with damage and such and a simple world gen for the game and the character model already made (still needing to rig and texture it).

as for the team, we got 2 set programmers, and 2 modelers and me a texture/game concept artist. though we need some more team members since there is a tons of models that need to be made and textured and blocks textures that need to made as well.

ill post a video of a short video summarizing everything we got done so far.(here)

if you would like my more info on the game (or just the GDD) or would like to join, msg me on skype (scorpiologist), or email ( or discord (

thanks in advance

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