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Jul 12 2017 Anchor

Today l heard back from a pretty established game studio about a Game Writer position l applied for. They responded 2 weeks later with a writer's test in 3 parts and said l have a week to complete it.

This is a job that could pull me out of a shitty longterm situation, change my life, and allow me to actively chase my dream in the game industry.

So l sort of wanna try to not fuck up

l was hoping some of you guys could answer some questions l have about this test. l'm a lifelong gamer/writer, but l'm still wet behind the ears working in the game industry:

  • Part 1 is a Q&A composed of 18 questions starting with my gamer history and knowledge, then my general knowledge as a creative writer, then into specific behavioral and industry-relevant questions.

How long do you suggest my answers be for this part?

  • For Parts 2 & 3 l need to create a character that would fit into the cast of one of their published games as well as a major quest for said game. These parts are pretty straightforward... but what l'm lost on is that they want me to treat them as if l'm developing a "presentation of the character/quest" for the art direction and/or production teams.

ls there a specific format for this kind of presentation? lf not, can l just format it however l prefer to?

l seriously, really appreciate any advice you guys have to offer. Thanks in advance

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