This group is created by Andreas Rönnberg and James Marchant. Both of us have a really good mind of creating sick mods, like Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut and Cry of Fear. We also made almost everything on Resident Evil Cold Blood Beta 2. Check them out!

Afraid of Monsters members:
Andreas Rönnberg - Alone

Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut members:
Andreas Rönnberg - Leader/Almost everything (mapper)
James Marchant - Coder/Helped with a lot of things

Resident Evil: Cold Blood Beta 2 members:
James Marchant - Leader/Coder/Lead Modeller/Mapper/Lead Animator/Lead 2D artist
Andreas Rönnberg - Lead Mapper/Modeller/Animator/2D artist

And a lot of former members who left the team during the developement.

Cry of Fear members:
Andreas Rönnberg - Leader/Lead mapper/Lead Props-NPC-monster modeller/Lead music/Animator/lead 2D artist
James Marchant - Leader/Coding everything/Mapper/Props modeller/Music/2D artist
DragonNOR - Voice Actor/Tester
BerZerK89 - Voice Actor/Tester

Guest members:
Aina Hatlevik - Voice Actor
Acidsnake - Weapon Skinner
Szilajmaggot - Boss Modeller/Skinner
Milo - Weapon Modeller/Skinner
Muddasheep - Music/Beta Tester
ToTac - Website design / HTML & CSS

Former members:
wonrz - NPC Modeller/Skinner
Sporkeh - Weapon Modeller/Skinner/Animator

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Cry of Fear

Cry of Fear

First Person Shooter

You wake up in a dark alley, not knowing anything. What has happened anyway? You struggle after the truth and answers. Answers you want to know in the...

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Huge admirer of Cry of fear! me and my friend had many countless hours pooping our pants playing that game as well as lots of laughs. looking forward to further projects from you guys!

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Your website went down last year in May I believe. I hope you guys are still making games and really hope to GOD we'll all be able to see more of your work in the near future!

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they are working on something new i assure you ;)

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It's the first time I played this mod , and truly I love it so much.
The work , the plot , the voices
I thank you developers for your effort put in this game.

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I really hope Cry of Fear gets an HD remake, or even a console port. Everyone needs to experience this phenomenal horror game.

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sadly there won't be any remakes or sequel BUT! There will be another game by andreas and his team! For now no more information is known im afraid...

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Actually, I emailed them about possibly recreating CoF myself about a year ago. They wrote back relatively quickly, Though denying myself from doing it, Andreas Rönnberg himself said,
"This is something we want to do ourselves in the future."

This isn't a definite "Yes" as to if they will make it, but it does say that they thought about it. Who knows?

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Only a few things made by men are truly touching. Only when they are, words are worthless. Only words can yet describe the feelings. But they are the sole mean that cannot define mankind. And that's why men are divided.

Speechless, wandering, feeling, hurting and dying as Simon. Powerful enough to make me feel the damp and heavy solitude, to feel insecure, helpless. More human, more genuine than they all pretend to be... Games were always my way to continue. I used to think creators were just ordinary people. But as I cried of fear, for him, as I've experienced a real human experience, I wanted to thank you as the other ones did for sure, for your work. Cry of Fear is not only a game for me, it's something that never spares you, confronting you to a painful truth, and that's why it saved me. I'm sorry, I let Simon die. But next time, I'll heal him as he healed me.

With all my love.


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I know how you feel about the game too Cry of Fear has helped me out so much in this past year I used to play it before but after some...things happened to me the game made me feel less alone and helped me. I hope the team sees this I bet it would mean the world to them to see this

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