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Proxy Studios is a small independent developers studio composed primarily of two dedicated students.

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Proxy Engine

Proxy Engine

Proprietary licence

Fast, modular, platform-independent game engine. Written entirely in object-oriented C++, powered by OpenGL, OpenAL and SDL.

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Pandora: First Contact

Pandora: First Contact

Turn Based Strategy

Pandora: First Contact is a science fiction 4X turn-based strategy game on a planetary scale. Our Earth has been exhausted and colonial attempts on other...

Conquest: Divide and Conquer

Conquest: Divide and Conquer

Turn Based Tactics

Conquest is a simultaneously executed turn-based tactical combat game placed in a dark and distant future. Play the role of a futuristic commander. Divide...

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Latest tweets from @proxy_studios

RT @spacegamejunkie: Hey friends, in today's episode of Pandora, I need some cream to help with this serious hive problem. T.co

Oct 12 2016

RT @MachinePix: Detonating “Easy”, a 47 kiloton nuclear test in April 1951. T.co

Sep 28 2016

RT @catehall: The answer to "why do the British drive on the left?" is orders of magnitude more interesting than I expected: T.co

Sep 24 2016

RT @pourmecoffee: Can't stop thinking about this. "In Norway you can see anyone’s taxes, but there's a catch" Qz.com T.co

Sep 18 2016

RT @Jason: In everything you do at your startup--& in life --try to make things simpler. People add massive complexity to issues that are not material.

Sep 18 2016

RT @catehall: On a typical day, I have moments when I want to live forever and moments when I want to die immediately. Sometimes they are simultaneous.

Sep 12 2016

RT @Loh: Always wanted to travel back in time to try fighting a younger version of yourself? Software development is the career for you!

Aug 9 2016

RT @codinghorror: Before I ever allow myself to think a colleague is not working hard enough, I ask, "am *I* working hard enough?"

Aug 4 2016

RT @AstroRM: The moon passed between @NASA climate observatory and the earth. Almost unbelievable that this is a real photo T.co

Jul 26 2016

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